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Thoughts of the Moment

Just a record of what goes through my mind from time to time :).  A growing list….

(I’ve since reverted back to using twitter so these will stop for a while haha)

11.04.11- Project365 COMPLETED!!
09.04.11- yay for early birthday presents and restored broadband connection :D
08.04.11- the overflow of God was amazing today :)
06.04.11- overwhelmed by how awesome life is… PtL!
30.03.11- ‘soaring on eagle’s wings’
23.03.11- David was such a poet – Psalm 119 :)
21.03.11- YOU are amazing! Thank you!
18.03.11- It’s ‘Friday, Friday, Friday’…such a bad song!
17.03.11- Man, I really need to proof-read more closely!
16.03.11- feeling bloated from Korean cold noodles.
13.03.11- Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
12.03.11- ‘I love you already’ :)
10.03.11- so thankful for so much love and support!
05.03.11- life is short so make every moment count.
04.03.11- living in pursuit of the ‘sweeter song’ :)
03.03.11- people who lie to save face are cowards.
02.03.11- profiting from the purifying work of pain
27.02.11- He gives and takes away…
26.02.11- Designed to shine :)
24.02.11- His mercies are new every morning
23.02.11- I’m just clay in The Potter’s Hands.
22.02.11- blessed to be a blessing :)
21.02.11- ‘Oh happy day, oh happy day’… :)
20.02.11- Oh how I adore blogging :)

♥ Ames