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I’ll be sharing on the topic of worship this weekend and one of the things I want to convey is that worship is so much more than a singing songs to God. That’s part of it and an important part of it but I believe that “worship” is a lifestyle. It should be something that is effortless and integrated and interwoven into the fabric of your life. It’s the undercurrent of how you live your life.

As I observed the life around me as I took public transport today, I saw “worship” play out in various ways around me. A man took out an exercise book and as I leaned over to see what he was looking at, I caught glimpses of a passage from the Bible that had been written in different coloured pens or crayons. Behind me, I caught bits of a conversations of a group of friends who talked about attending church. The lady I was seated next to on the train was reading a Christian book on her Kindle.

So what is this thing called “worship”?  It means turning attention and focus towards the One who is worthy of all honour, praise and adoration.

Still needs more expanding…

“God is spirit and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” – John 4:24

– Ames – 



I Will Exalt – Bethel Church

Your presence is all I need
It’s all I want, all I seek
Without it, without it there’s no meaning
Your presence is the air I breath
The song I sing, the love I need
Without it, without it I’m not living

I will exalt You, Lord, I will exalt You, Lord
There is no one like You God
I will exalt You, Lord, I will exalt You, Lord
No other name be lifted high

There will be no one like You
And no one beside You
You alone are worthy of all praise
There will be no one like You
And no one beside You
You alone are worthy of all praise

– I Will Exalt, Bethel Church


This song gives me goosebumps.  I just feel like there is just such an anointing of God’s Spirit on the words and the music.  And it’s my heartsong. 

♥ Ames

11/11/11 – embrace it!

So, I was told by an overseas student from China that today is ‘Singles Day’.  I asked what they did to ‘celebrate’ and she said her single friends would get together and complain about being single and some would even go on blind dates to try and end their single days.  I guess it really depends on your definition of single and how you view your single years.  For me, I’m actually going to take the time today to really celebrate being single :).

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I see the single years as a gift from God, a time to grow and stretch and to be ALL I can be as a single woman and when/if I reach that point in my life where God says, ‘You can serve me better with another’, then I’ll change my tune :).  To me, being single isn’t a status, it’s a season.  A season of possibilities and potential; potential because your time is your own and there are no limitations on what God can do in you and through you.  It’s a season where you can learn to depend on God fully and completely and I believe that this is best done while you are still single because you won’t be distracted by having another ‘significant other’ in your life.  You don’t have to match your times with someone else’s schedule or take on another’s burden too close to heart.  There’s a certain freedom that comes with this season that I find extremely rewarding and personally wouldn’t like to have it any other way right now.  To my ‘attached-friends’, please don’t think I’m hating on you or bitter, it’s quite the contrary in fact :).  I don’t think being single is better necessarily… I think there’s beauty and purpose behind each season of your life and whether that is being single or being in a relationship right now, you can either be the best you can be or complain, wanting something that isn’t God’s best for you right now.  There’s a time for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3).

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