quietly thankful

I’m quietly thankful (quiet because the house is).

I’m quietly thankful for a job where I enjoy the work, the people, the culture and the fact that I can still have a life outside of my job.

I’m quietly thankful for my stage of life, namely my singleness (who would have thought!).

I’m quietly thankful for supportive godly parents.

I’m quietly thankful for income that can assist with household expenses.

I’m quietly thankful for key people who have popped up in my life recently.

I’m quietly thankful for opportunities to serve God in all facets of my life.

I’m quietly thankful for time to sit down and write what I’m quietly thankful about :).



an attitude of gratitude

Emotionally drained after a jam-packed weekend but so grateful for all that my life is filled with.

I am so blessed it’s almost ridiculous :D.

I’m teaching such cute kids that make my Saturday mornings a lot of fun!

Got the chance to snap some photos of a dear sister who’s graduating and returning to her home country in a few weeks.  To see the change in her life since I got to know her just a little over a year ago is my blessing.

I got to sing and play, ‘A Whole New World’ for another dear sister’s 21st :).

AND I get the opportunity to live out my calling on a regular basis in such a loving church family, making a difference one life at a time (another two brought into relationship with the Father this weekend – Praise God!).

In spite of the fact that my future is still slightly up in the air right now, I know I’m still young and have my whole life ahead of me.  I’m so grateful for how God is shaping my life.  I love how He’s using me and moulding me.

May my life be a story of His greatness.

– Ames

only by the grace of God

One exam down.

Now lots and lots and lots of words to pump out in the next 16 days.

How I will do it, I don’t know.

Only by the grace of God.

And in the midst of all of this crazy energy, I’m so thankful for an amazing pair of people who’ve been buoying me up through this challenging period.  Even though I know I disappoint them each time I report back about how far along (or not along) I am on these essays, they just keep on encouraging me to do my best.  They don’t put me down for my weaknesses but continue to cheer me on with the Word of God.  Thankful for such awesome parents :).

Only by the grace of God.

Off to write.

♥ Ames