Goals for 2012

If something isn’t in writing, it’s just a floating idea… HENCE, I sat myself down to write out what I’m going to be aiming for in 2012:

  • Exercise 3+ days per week
    •  pretty self-explanatory; I think digging in the sand for pippies yesterday counts as one day :P
  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Spend money wisely
    • As you can see, this goal started out as ‘to not buy any clothes’ but changed after my dad told me that goals should be positive ones rather than negative
  • Be more bold and courageous in pointing others to Jesus
    • There are still times when I’ve shied away from pointing to the true source of my joy so I hope to make the most of every opportunity this year
  • (Re)establish the Law Students’ Christian Network on campus
    • We had a good start with the prayer group in Semester 2 last year but my goal is to create something that can be maintained and grow even after I graduate
  • Get all H’s in Law School
    • Though clerkship positions will definitely help me on my way to securing a grad position in 2012, it never hurts to do well academically too!
  • To read 12 books cover to cover
    • I have a bad habit of starting books but not finishing them… this will change!
  • Complete Suzuki Piano Training!
    • I’ve done all the practical stuff but just need to quit procrastinating and put down all the written teaching points AND send them off to get full accreditation!!

 I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a big year… bring it on!

♥ Ames

The best of MBoM in 2011 :)

The end of 2011 also marks the 1st anniversary of this Mixed Bag of Musings (as of 01/01/12)!  What an amazing year it has been!  I think above all else, 2011 has been the year I’ve learnt to ‘let go’ of unnecessary baggage – emotional and physical items that I don’t need any more both included!

I’ll let WordPress do the crunching of numbers in a few days but I’ll take a feather from Leeleegirl’s cap and list some of the posts I really enjoyed writing or you enjoyed reading :).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t narrow it down to 11 so I’ll go by month and perhaps you’ll see the progress and growth that has happened over this year:

** the ones you should definitely have a look at!


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  5. confessions of a poor uni student
  6. Like This: There is a time + Amazing Grace
  7. Scar
  8. My Niche
  9. Blog Babble: I’m no better


  1. complexity vs. simplicity
  2. The significance of 40 days
  3. The end of self
  4. My Other Niche
  5. Cookies in A Jar
  7. New Directions


  1. still here.
  2. Mountaintop
  3. givin’ up
  4. Passing Points
  5. turned tables
  6. inward, outward, upward
  7. NFH: Loneliness and the others in the NFH series
  9. room to move
  10. the sisterhood
  11. another morning post (you know you love them!)
  12. Short Story: ‘getting over you’
  13. the simple things


  1. The Wanderer
  2. MP: The Overflow
  3. the day of birth
  4. Project365 Completed!
  5. the drop of a stitch
  6. word quota
  7. Happy 100th Post!
  8. Short Story: Unspoken Conversations
  9. mollify

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So I’ve had some sleep since the last post and after giving it some thought, I think I’m going to continue with my 101 in 1001 challenge that I started on my old blog.  I was hoping to start anew but I think it’s been drummed into me for long enough that I just have to at least make an attempt to finish what I started.  So my new years resolution is to be more proactive in finishing this list and blogging about it as well :).  I’m not going to repost stuff I’ve written about or go back and write about things that have already happened, however, I’ll just continue from where I left it last… this is where things stood as from the old blog (a few updated items):

Start date: Monday, 1 December 2008

End date: Monday, 29 August 2011

Number of Items Completed: 20/101

Bold Red Text = Finished with Completion Date

Green Italic Text = In Progress

1. Blog about each 101 things [8/101]

2. Get someone else to join the 101 in 1001 challenge [Gillian! – 26/03/2010]



3. Save to go on a missions trip

4. Type up notes within 2 days after hearing the lecture!

5. Get an average of H2A each semester [2/4]

6. Become a Uni Graduate [10.12.09]

7. Get into the JD (Post-grad Law) [17.08.09]



8. Learn 4 songs on the guitar

9. Write 5 songs (lyrics and music)

10. Work on improvising on the piano

11. Achieve LMusA on Piano [no longer viable]

12. Go to an outdoor performance

13. Join a jazz choir (after completing LMusA)

14. Play flute in a uni ensemble

15. Host an annual piano concert for my students [3/3]

16. Go to the International Arts Festival



17. Swim twice a week for 3 months

18. Get a fitness plan [Semester 1, 2009]

19. Go to the gym at least twice a week for 6 months

20. Go to a fitness class every 2 months [Semester 1, 2009]



21. Try 50 new restaurants/cafes/food joints [45/50]

22. Try 5 new ice-cream flavours [1/5]

23. Learn 5 family recipes

24. Try 5 new recipes [finished on 23.10.09]

25. Cook a 3 course meal for friends/family

26. Keep a food journal through photos for a week



27. Host a board games night

28. Watch 50 movies and blog about each [24/50]

29. ‘26 Things’ project

30. Document an entire day through photos

31. Project 365 [264/365]

32. Go to the Melbourne Show

33. Watch a movie at a drive-in/roof top/outdoor cinema [08.01.09]

34. Go to a Live concert

35. Take a friend to their first musical opera [22.11.10]

36. Wear makeup and nail polish for an entire week

37. Audition for Australian Idol

38. Sing at a Karaoke Bar


Gaining Knowledge/Intellectual Pursuits

39. Learn 25 new English words and use them 5 times in one day

40. Find a way to maintain my French

41. Read or re-read 25 books [4/25]

42. Blog about each book read [1/25]

43. Read 250 of 1001 list of Quality Reads [really not something I want to complete anymore]

44. Learn 5 new (useful) Vietnamese phrases

45. Learn how to use all the functions on my Canon IXUS 960 IS PowerShot G11 (in progress)

46. Finish my Suzuki Primary Piano Teacher Training [August 2010]


R&R (rest and recuperation/relaxation)

47. Get a facial

48. Get a pedicure and manicure for the first time

49. Get a massage

50. Get a wax of some sort [22.11.2010]

51. Take mum to a spa



52. Have dinner with the Norsworthys [04.09.09]

53. Write snail mail letters to 10 friends, just because

54. Get together with cousins on mum’s side of the family (outside of Christmas) [1/5]

55. Change my relationship status [Dec 2009-March 2010]

56. Write 50 letters to my future mate [41/50]

57. Take Scottie for a walk at least 3 times a week [Scottie was put down in late 2010]


Spiritual Life

58. Intentionally share the Gospel with 15 people [2/15]

59. Read the whole Bible at least once

60. Read through the Book of Proverbs for 6 individual months

61. Write in a prayer journal at least once a month

62. Keep a blessings log

63. Listen to 50 messages on cd/via podcast [20/50]

64. Write 20 articles on faith topics [3/20]



65. Try a new sport

66. Join a sporting team

67. Learn to ride a bike

68. Learn to surf

69. Take a dance class

70. (Learn how to play poker?)



71. Achieve a 20 year old brain (Brain Training) [don’t play on DS anymore]

72. Find 101 things that make me happy (101/101) [20.11.10]

73. Do 25 unselfish things

74. Do 25 kind things to strangers [2/25]

75. Stay off Facebook for an entire month (will be the hardest!)

76. Watch the sunrise 5 times

77. Make Sam’s room liveable [September 2009]

78. Clean desk and room once a semester (1/6)



79. Go paintballing

80. Go to the races with the girls

81. Go to the Australian Open (21.01.09)

82. Attend 4 university social events [2/4]

83. Host a movie marathon

84. Go to 5 different beaches [3/5]

85. Go on a picnic [20th birthday picnic-18/04/09]

86. Go to Cirque du Soleil

87. Host my 21st birthday celebrations [10/04/10]


Community/Altruistic activities

88. Give blood 3 times [3/3]

89. Go to the Shrine on Remembrance Day

90. Run a marathon for a good cause

91. Write a letter to our Sponsor Child (once every three months)

92. Set up a library at church

93. Give $1 to a charity for every goal I don’t complete

94. Serve at a soup kitchen


Travel – General

95. Take a road trip

96. Go on an overseas mission trip

97. Go camping

98. Go on an exchange program for 6 months

99. Visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship just because

100. Visit Monash Clayton (0/5)


101. On Day 1001, publish a new 101 Things in 1001 Days list that includes anything I haven’t finished already (hopefully, none)

It’s unlikely that I’ll finish it all (some aren’t even viable right now) but I’ll endeavour to do as much as I can :).  Previously completed tasks may be found on my old blog.
♥ April