Overflow of the heart -1

This year, just like the last, my parents and I skipped town on Valentine’s Day. It was unintentional (it was just what fitted our schedules) but I’m happy to make a tradition out of it!

On the way to the city of surf beaches, I reflected on how much had happened in the past year. There have been so many changes, not just for me personally but our family unit as well. By far, the biggest change for us was moving home churches. We did not know what was in store but we knew God was guiding our steps in a different direction and to remain where we were would have been ineffective and out of God’s will. Through human eyes it would seem that we had walked away defeated but in fact we were just stepping into God’s plan and purposes.

As weeks turned into months, I kept wondering why I wasn’t feeling upset or lonely at my new home church where there is no one my age or at my stage in life. I had left a youth group that was showing so much promise and a group of girls I had not been able to picture life without. But God was/is faithful. He led me to build community with a group of Christians at uni who are passionate about doing the Lord’s business and He opened new doors to minister to teens/young adults that I would have completely missed out on if I had stayed in a place that was comfortable and safe. And now in a few weeks time I will be preaching my first sermon (pray for me!!)!

Now, one year on, I can look back and say, ‘Ah God, I see now what you were up to! I see how your “goodness and love follows me all the days of my life”. Not just the happy days but also the more challenging ones too. No experience is ever wasted and no situation is too difficult to overcome when You are walking with me.’

This is not the post I set out to write but I guess it is the one that is now written. Though I have mentioned how I wanted to be more structured in how I approach this blog, I still want to give myself room to write from the overflow of the heart. So this has been just that :-).

Find comfort today, dear readers, that God is for you and never against you. He wants to bless you but more importantly He wants you to know Him. It’s never too late to turn your life over to Him and experience the life you were meant to live!

May you be alert to the goodness and love of God in your life and praise Him for it today!

Much love,