Feature Fridays: The Story of Ian and Larissa

I love this next video that I watched via my Desiring God updates.  I usually just put the emails into a folder for another day but today before I did that, the title ‘This Momentary Marriage’ grabbed me and I made the decision to watch the video… so touching.

Really changes your perspective on what marriage can look like and how when Christ is the centre, all the secondary things don’t matter so much anymore.

Tracked down The Momentary Marriage by John Piper as well which you can download for free here.

♥ Ames

wishing you joy and peace

A friend from the past is getting married today.  I would have loved to attend but teaching has the priority since I put the students on a 3 week break during my exams and we have our end-of-year concert in a week… but I send the couple my very best wishes :).  I’m glad they are marrying each other and no one else.  If I was there and had been given a mic, I would have sung you this song…

What joy, what joy for those whose hope is in the name of the Lord!

What peace, what peace for those whose confidence is Him alone

I’ve been saving this song for the last month to post today :).  Also, aren’t those photos beautiful? There were even ones with cats… I knew you would have liked them :). (the video I had up has since been taken down *sad face*)

I pray that you’ll grow more in love with the Lord together as a couple and in turn, love each other the way Christ loves His Bride, the church.

In spite of everything or maybe because of everything, I’m thankful we crossed paths and I look forward to the day that I can call you and say, ‘Do you want to meet my husband and I for lunch?’

♥ Ames

love is in the air!

I just got a message from a friend announcing that her boyfriend of two years and her are engaged!! So happy for them both :).  They are a great Christ-centred couple and I’m so glad to have been friends with them both before they started dating… One thing I love about this girl is that she is so passionate about reaching others for Christ and I know without a doubt that they are going to bring out the best in each other and they are going to keep God at the centre and forefront of their relationship and the life they have ahead of them.

That’s two engagements this year, love is in the air!  And the awesome thing is that there isn’t even a tinge of jealousy or envy… I’m so content with where God has me right now, I can be genuinely happy for them both… praise the Living God!

God is so good!

♥ Ames

11/11/11 – embrace it!

So, I was told by an overseas student from China that today is ‘Singles Day’.  I asked what they did to ‘celebrate’ and she said her single friends would get together and complain about being single and some would even go on blind dates to try and end their single days.  I guess it really depends on your definition of single and how you view your single years.  For me, I’m actually going to take the time today to really celebrate being single :).

via Tumblr (click through)

I see the single years as a gift from God, a time to grow and stretch and to be ALL I can be as a single woman and when/if I reach that point in my life where God says, ‘You can serve me better with another’, then I’ll change my tune :).  To me, being single isn’t a status, it’s a season.  A season of possibilities and potential; potential because your time is your own and there are no limitations on what God can do in you and through you.  It’s a season where you can learn to depend on God fully and completely and I believe that this is best done while you are still single because you won’t be distracted by having another ‘significant other’ in your life.  You don’t have to match your times with someone else’s schedule or take on another’s burden too close to heart.  There’s a certain freedom that comes with this season that I find extremely rewarding and personally wouldn’t like to have it any other way right now.  To my ‘attached-friends’, please don’t think I’m hating on you or bitter, it’s quite the contrary in fact :).  I don’t think being single is better necessarily… I think there’s beauty and purpose behind each season of your life and whether that is being single or being in a relationship right now, you can either be the best you can be or complain, wanting something that isn’t God’s best for you right now.  There’s a time for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3).

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the guy I’m waiting for

Your life is centred around Christ instead of just fitting Christ around your life.

You love what He loves and hate what He hates.

You are more wrapped up with selfless activities than in self-indulgent ones.

You don’t live by your feelings but by what you know is true and right.

When I spend time with you, I will leave wanting more time with God.

You will protect and value my purity over satisfying your own desires.

You are patiently waiting for me too :).


Darling boy,

I know that if marriage will bring me closer to God and know Him more, then you are alive right now (unless you will be 22 years younger than me which is highly unlikely haha)!  Know that I’m praying for you and keeping myself set apart for you.  I pray you are living well and spreading God’s love with all you meet.

Love, your girl.

♥ Ames