During our Sunday School class/cell group, one of my girls gave out a “I love church” while I was explaining something (I can’t quite remember what it was about).  That pretty much made my day :).  Then I headed into law school to see that one of the events the CLS is hosting was being advertised on the video screens.

Now that’s what I call awesome :).

♥ Ames

P.S. Quietly, last post was number 300!  Thanks to whoever’s been sharing the journey with me :).

skip ahead

My mind and heart has already skipped ahead to next semester where I’ll be studying these two subjects (descriptions have already been published publicly):

Law and Social Change:

Law and Social Change provides a practical, clinical experience in which students support public interest lawyers in the delivery of pro bono legal services. Students will undertake 10 days of clinical placement with a partner organisation in the community sector. On placement, and under expert supervision, students will utilise the legal knowledge and skills acquired during their degree to undertake work on real legal issues and with real clients, and in doing so, will be exposed to the realities of community legal practice.

Street Law:

Street Law is an innovative and unique course which involves … students visiting high schools in Melbourne that are classified as ‘low SES’ and delivering three planned lessons on a range of legal topics and issues over the course of a semester. It provides the opportunity to develop and implement fundamental communication skills, namely, the ability to explain complex legal concepts and information to a non-lawyer, non specialist audience. Confidence in public speaking is an important attribute for a lawyer, as is an ability to explain the law clearly and practically to non-lawyers whether that takes the form of communication with clients, witnesses, and/or juries. In addition, the provision of community legal education is an increasingly important aspect of the work of lawyers in many parts of the profession, particularly the community legal sector.

Can’t wait ^^

♥ Ames


I’m studying for my legal ethics exam at the moment and a key point that has been made in class (that I’ve recorded in my notes) is that a lawyer’s conduct, whether good or bad, will affect the reputation of the profession.  Hence, lawyers must do their utmost to act with honesty and integrity.  This is our duty (says a not-yet-lawyer) to the court and to clients.  How the public perceives the legal profession and whether or not people have faith in the legal profession will depend on how lawyers act.  This could also  extend beyond the retainer (what they have been commissioned to do by their clients).

Clearly some links with how as Christians we should also take note that our actions will affect the reputation of the followers of Christ and it’s something that we should protect.  When we say we are a Christian, we are in essence saying that we are (or endeavour to be) a representation of Christ.  That’s serious and it’s not something we should take on lightly.  I’m not saying that we can’t make mistakes but when we do, we should own up to them and accept the consequences.

Argh, so much thought could go into this topic/post and there is so much more to say on the topic but will leave it here.  Time to head home from the library :D.

♥ Ames

living on purpose part 2

The update on the CLS is that we got the go ahead!

We’ll have to do our own fundraising but that’s ok.

The fact that we can exist without opposition is enough! Praise God!  Thanks for the prayers.

Lots of planning and co-ordination up ahead after the exam period but there is a sense that we’re on the edge of something amazing that is to be birthed.

The CLS has existed in the past at our school however, with students graduating and no one to take up the mantle, the group has dispersed.  I have resolved that this will not happen on my watch.  Even if it means coming back after I graduate to continue the work that has been done.

Above all else, I am so thankful to God for bringing an ‘Aaron’ into my life.  She has the language, the expertise, the experience and the connections whereas I feel like the inadequate Moses who fumbles over words and gets nervous.  The funny thing is that I thought I could handle it and before I had realised my fears, God had already brought a helper alongside to boost me up and guide my way.

When we are living a life of purpose, God will bring the right people at the right time into your path.  All you need to do is take one step at a time, along the way He leads you to go.

♥ Ames

P.S. Liking the new layout!  Thought it was time for a chance and this feels really fresh and clean :).

chasing deadlines

New domain over on the other blog if you haven’t already been informed:

I’m now in a position I seem to almost always unsuccessfully avoid: chasing deadlines.

Thankful for the reminder that even thought I got myself into this mess, I’m perfectly placed for God to work a miracle (a paraphrase of something I heard on the podcast Steven Furtick did at – Sun Stand Still).

Believing and back to study,


moving along

It’s been a slow process but things are finally moving along with the prayer group at law school!  We have a room booked for the mid-semester break where we hope to gather all who have come in the past so that we can share the direction and vision of where this group is going.  God is good!  I’m thankful for the team that has been cheering me on all this way but it honestly hasn’t been easy.  At times, I feel like I’m the only one who is driving this group forward.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually wants to be apart of it.  Sometimes I wonder if it really makes a difference at all.

But then God sends someone who needed that word of encouragement, an email comes through to lift my spirits, people rally together to lend their support and then I’m reminded that it is God that is driving this forward.  I am just his vessel. And then the stress dissipates.   He is the one that changes hearts and opens minds to see His purpose.

This group is bigger than just me and the current students that come.  It’s about setting something up for future students – a network for them to connect with legal practitioners who share the same values and belief system, who can mentors and guide the lawyers of tomorrow in practising faith in the workplace.  It’s about empowering believers to stand up for truth and justice but to love and speak with grace and gentleness.

Praise God for His faithfulness.  I know in my own capacity, I could not do it.  I cannot do it.  BUT, his grace is sufficient, for His power is made perfect in my weakness.  “Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

♥ Ames

Feature Fridays: “Confronting Injustice”

I realised I missed out last week on Feature Fridays but I hope you’ll forgive me since I was out of my regular habitat! 

This semester I have the privilege of studying the subject, ‘Human Rights Lawyering’.  It’s a subject that really resounds with why I made the decision to study law… it’s quite simple really: I want to help people.  I want to give voice to those who have none, I want to right wrongs and bring justice to the vulnerable.

We were told to watch the video below in preparation for our first class.  At first I wasn’t keen on sitting through a video that would take nearly an hour but having been mesmerised by it, I would highly recommend it to every individual, whether law student or not, to watch it and be inspired and challenged to speak up for the marginalised in your circle by one of the ‘greatest lawyers in America’.

Favourite quotes:

  • “Your words have power… a law degree ‘amplifies your voice’”
  • “The opportunity is great, but the sometimes the willingness to speak is not as great.”
  • “You need to be brave: willingness to believe that you can actually do the things that must be done.”
  • “I do what I do because I am broken”… “each person is more than the worst thing they have ever done”
  • “The opposite of poverty is not wealth, it is justice”
  • “Be hopeful: in hope there is the possibility of change”

Though he did not mention his own beliefs and values, he did speak about his mother and grandmother, both (from the sounds of it) great women of faith and I think their influence is reflected in his own strongly held convictions.

♥ Ames

Goals for 2012

If something isn’t in writing, it’s just a floating idea… HENCE, I sat myself down to write out what I’m going to be aiming for in 2012:

  • Exercise 3+ days per week
    •  pretty self-explanatory; I think digging in the sand for pippies yesterday counts as one day :P
  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Spend money wisely
    • As you can see, this goal started out as ‘to not buy any clothes’ but changed after my dad told me that goals should be positive ones rather than negative
  • Be more bold and courageous in pointing others to Jesus
    • There are still times when I’ve shied away from pointing to the true source of my joy so I hope to make the most of every opportunity this year
  • (Re)establish the Law Students’ Christian Network on campus
    • We had a good start with the prayer group in Semester 2 last year but my goal is to create something that can be maintained and grow even after I graduate
  • Get all H’s in Law School
    • Though clerkship positions will definitely help me on my way to securing a grad position in 2012, it never hurts to do well academically too!
  • To read 12 books cover to cover
    • I have a bad habit of starting books but not finishing them… this will change!
  • Complete Suzuki Piano Training!
    • I’ve done all the practical stuff but just need to quit procrastinating and put down all the written teaching points AND send them off to get full accreditation!!

 I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a big year… bring it on!

♥ Ames

last days


This whole night has gone to mush.  My mind just couldn’t focus.

With the onset of exams, my volunteering days came to an early end today.  I brought homemade almond cookies into the office which were very well received (pity, I couldn’t take credit for them – my amazing mum baked them while I was slaving over my last essay for the semester).  Fridays have generally been quiet for our client group but I took enquiry after enquiry today, feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted by the end of it all.  I can’t go into details for confidentiality reasons but listening to the hardships that some people live through on a daily basis just magnifies how good I have it, how much I have to be thankful to God for.

Tomorrow is my last day of piano teaching before exams as well.  Can’t wait for them to be over.  I’ve already started making my post-exams-to-do-list ;).

Sleep and perhaps we can do better in the morning.

♥ Ames


I’ve finally come to the end of the clerkship application writing process… as in I’ve done and sent off all the cover letters and now the waiting process begins.  HOWEVER, I just got a call to notify me that I got short-listed!! There was a brief phone interview and I’ll find out in two weeks or so if the application has gone further… What was most amazing for me was how my dad had said he’d pray that I’d get a notification of an interview today and it ACTUALLY happened!  IMHO, that’s just another example of the power of prayer :D.

OK, back to work haha.

♥ Ames