7 more days…

11 days early!  That has to be some tertiary education record or something lol well at least for me it is!  I’ve never submitted anything so early in my life!  And it came quite easily and I’m kind of proud of the work too… it’s truly a miracle, praise God!!

I can almost smell the ‘freedom’ in the air :P

Almost there!  7 more days to be exact.  I can feel the sense of anticipation rising up in my spirit… I can’t wait!

It’s funny because when I was on the verge of completing my undergraduate degree, I didn’t feel ready to go out into the ‘real’ world and work from 9-5… there was next to no appeal and I was glad to be going back for further study after the summer holidays.  However, after another 3 years, I’m truly done.  I’ve matured.  I’m ready.  I’m ready for a new challenge.  Uni was 6 years that shaped me as a person and I think it has served it’s purpose.  Working full-time is no longer daunting but something I’m looking forward to.  And it’s not because it’s something I’ve never tried before – my clerkships have shown me that I’m capable and I’ve got what it takes to pursue the dreams and purposes that God has placed in me.  God put it all there to begin with and now that the time is right, I can hear him say, “It’s your time to shine, my Beloved!”

Flourish, baby, flourish! – Bobbie Houston (2012 Colour Conference)

– Ames –


That’s what Facebook is.  For now at least.  ‘Til 23 Nov.

Here’s the evidence:

Why? For the sake of the last leg of the tertiary education race!

Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s got to do.

It’s a liberating feeling really.  It always is.  So why do I always go back to it after exams?

For photo sharing, for keeping up to date with family, friends and events…

Bring on the withdrawal symptoms!

The verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” seems appropriate right about now…

– Ames –

please pray

I can feel the procrastination monster rearing its ugly head again.

It’s exactly one month before my final law exam ever but I can’t seem to muster up the motivation.  The good news of the past week is a double-edged sword – good to know there’s a job secured but it also means marks don’t really matter… but yet, if I am to glorify God in all things, this also includes my studies.

Please pray.

God help me, please.

– Ames –


I always seem to forget how productive one can be when studying in the library.  Spent a good half of the day researching at uni but now that I’m home, I haven’t done much work at all… Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone else looks engrossed in their work that you feel guilty doing anything else except work.  Or perhaps it’s because you can’t get up from your spot unless you pack everything up and then have to find another desk when you get back?

Anyhow, I’ve made my exit from Facebook for the exam period.  I always feel relieved for some reason.

Time to disappear from the world for a bit.  Though I suspect I’ll duck in and out of this space every once or a while.  But for the most part, it’s hibernation time.

♥ Ames


NFH: thinking about you

Hey Darling Boy,

How have you been?  Lately I’ve been thinking about you.  A lot.  I think it is in part due to the fact that in the midst of this exam period, the mind likes to escape away to happy thoughts at times :).  It may be due to the fact that some of the people around me have been moving forward on the ‘relationship path’ lately i.e. a friend starting to date for the first time, a friend getting engaged, couples getting married… Maybe it’s because I’ve stumbled across some really inspiring blogs that portray what it means to live for God through marriage.  I dunno.

All I know is that I’m eagerly awaiting the day when I’ll find out who you are and when we’ll start living this life together.  I was so encouraged to read of a brother’s own heart for his future wife and it renewed my hope that the guy I pray you will be does actually exist.  Though I say I ‘wait’ I won’t be doing nothing… there’s so much living yet to be lived, so much God still wants me to see, so much stretching and growing yet to be done before we meet.  And a number of exams to smash as well :P.

Hope that wherever you are that your day may be blessed and fruitful in Him.

Love you lots already,

Your Girl.

♥ Ames

last days


This whole night has gone to mush.  My mind just couldn’t focus.

With the onset of exams, my volunteering days came to an early end today.  I brought homemade almond cookies into the office which were very well received (pity, I couldn’t take credit for them – my amazing mum baked them while I was slaving over my last essay for the semester).  Fridays have generally been quiet for our client group but I took enquiry after enquiry today, feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted by the end of it all.  I can’t go into details for confidentiality reasons but listening to the hardships that some people live through on a daily basis just magnifies how good I have it, how much I have to be thankful to God for.

Tomorrow is my last day of piano teaching before exams as well.  Can’t wait for them to be over.  I’ve already started making my post-exams-to-do-list ;).

Sleep and perhaps we can do better in the morning.

♥ Ames

night owl tendencies

“Desperate times call for desperate measures…” I’ve never really liked the word ‘desperate’ because it implies a sense of helplessness and who likes to be helpless, right?  But that colloquial phrase was what came through my mind this morning when I made the OMGosh big decision (not really, I just like to make it seem dramatic…) of deactivating my Facebook account!!!!! lols.

Let’s call it a form of ‘self-discipline’ instead ha.  Not only is the social networking website a major procrastination station, the amount of negativity that can flow via status updates during exam season can be quite depressing… time to take positive action!

I can feel the adrenaline kicking in though… I’ve been experiencing a bit of insomnia over the last two nights (lying wide awake, mentally willing your mind to shut down is no fun) so I’ve decided to use whatever nervous energy I have acquired to my advantage tonight and ‘night owl’ it out.

Experiment: how long I can go until I literally zonk out.

Results: next time ;).

♥ Ames

P.S. Notice, I finally found a picture that matched the title? lols *sigh*