pull on my heart

let your faith be bigger than your fear.

conquer it.

do whatever it takes to master it.

One Passion One Devotion

It sounds a bit odd to say/type it out but I feel… I feel like I’m changing.  I feel like there is a pull on my heart for more.  Like there is ‘more’ for me than the here and now… what ‘more’ means/is, is another matter.  I don’t know what it is but I know I want it now more than ever before.

With the benefit of hindsight, I can see that He has been taking me through a detox for my soul in the last few months, perhaps even the last year or two.  He has brought me to the end of myself time and time again, so that the ‘head’ knowledge of who He is, translates into a real ‘heart’ understanding of His desire for me… for all of me.  Not just my Sundays, my prayer time, my Bible reading time but all.  He’s brought up many things that had existed in me without my knowledge and one by one, I’ve had to let Him strip them away so that there is less of the ‘self’ and more room for Him.  I’ve had to surrendered things that I never had problems with before but now, the thought of them just grate against every fibre in my body.

I know it’s not the life that I planned and perhaps that’s why I’m ready to let go.  Lord, I just pray that you would bring some other people who are travelling this way to my attention and circle. It feels a tad lonely at times.  But would I give it up? No way.

And Lord, help me not to be judgemental of others.  Remind me constantly that You have a time and place for everything and just because I’m ‘here’ doesn’t mean everyone else is ready to be ‘here’ yet.  Give me Your patience and love so that I can lead others into Your very presence.

I’m Yours… for keeps.

♥ Ames

taste and see

When you know God, you can’t help but want to keep knowing him and loving him more. This sometimes conflicts with some other things you used to love, and it often means letting go of things that were once important to you. But you can’t stop, because even if you want to, you cannot turn your back on this irresistible grace.

– taken from good times with ben

Lately, this is something I’ve been challenged with as well.  I find that as I get to know God more, there are some things that I used to do or watch (without a second thought) that no longer draw me anymore.  It’s like the scales have been lifted off of my eyes and what I used to count as ‘entertainment’, strikes a discord with my heart.  The images and language make me uncomfortable now.  I’m left wondering what I found appealing in the first place… the spirit grows stronger as the flesh diminishes.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. – Psalm 34:8

♥ Ames