the acoustic version

And so our paths collided, but now they diverge.

What had pained me so much, no longer hurts.

For the sake of four, here is where it must end.

So fare thee well, my once good friend.

– Ames, 01.06.2011

You’re like, What? I thought you moved already! Haha, I have and I hope you’ve poked around the new home a bit… As one friend commented, it feels ‘breezy’ :D.  Lovin’ it over there- all new and shiny :).  But (as the welcome message alludes to) this blog will continue… it’ll be reserved for the more personal, hopeless romantic, Jesus lovin’ and other miscellaneous do-dads side of Ames that not everyone needs to see right off the bat.  If this blog were music, it would be the acoustic version of my life :P.  It’ll be more intimate, ‘the sort of stuff you’d share with only people who knew you best because you know they won’t judge you but just accept you the way you are’ kinda music… no new readers will be directed here, but I won’t turn the private function on because at the end of the day, blogs are to be shared and hand-written journal entries are not ;).

♥ Ames


Oh stuff it.  The launch happens now.

And yes.  To those very observant people, I did forget how to ‘print-screen’ on my Mac haha

It is looking a bit bare at the moment… will slowly add to it and put up a customised header in time.  I imported the latest post over so it’s not too lonely over there haha. But yay to SWOTVAC productivity!

♥ Ames


And so we’re one down, two more to go. *breathe*

I wish…I’m only 1/3 of the way through this essay >.<. Have to keep your eyes on the prize though, right?


I actually (confession time) have spent a fair bit of my ‘exam time’ revisiting posts that I’ve written in the last (nearly) 6 months and perhaps it is (just a tad) egotistical but I kinda like what I’ve written :P (and I’m really enjoying the use of brackets to have an additional commentary along side the actual body of this post!).  However, as much as I’d like to share everything I’ve written with the world and be as transparent as possible, I guess there’s a part of me that would still like to keep things a bit more private around these parts… perhaps it has to do with some of the outbursts I’ve published here already or the delves into the past that I don’t mind sharing, but perhaps not straight away to the new acquaintance that I may have just added on Facebook (when I un-ban myself) or to those who have yet to hear actual events from my own lips.  I’d rather introduce people first to the other, perhaps brighter and lighter side of Ames, instead of giving them the task of navigating through some of the deeper, more serious (and at times emotional) musings to find her.

And as always, I’m taking way too long to get to the point which is basically the decision: I’m starting a new blog.

There, I said it.  Essentially, it’ll be a reserved for posts that wouldn’t produce a cause for concern should a future employer come across it or if my parents read it haha.  Yes, I have been a closet blogger for the last 2-3 years :P.  There have been a few posts here that I have wanted to share with the wider community but I’ve been nervous about what else they would find should they click the initial link that I give them… again, I digress.  FUNDAMENTALLY, content on the new blog will be focused mainly on photography, foodie reviews, adventures around my beloved Melbourne, happy stuff and whatever doesn’t make the cut, will end up here in this beautiful mess I’ve created.

THEREFORE (such a law word to use), faithful readers, subscribers, friends who’ve been following here and from the old blog home… thank you and I’m really hoping the third one will be the charm ;).  I’ve been browsing around for a new blog theme too which makes the whole prospect of starting anew very exciting but I’ll let you know when it’s up and running and when this blog can be taken off your blog roll :).  I’ll probably still post here on and off but Mixed Bag of Musings won’t be opened up to new readers so I guess you can feel (the faux) privilege that you will be able to continue observing whatever is not filtered through lols.

Now, to make that first statement come true…

♥ Ames

a modern day abolitionist

It has been kept under wraps for a while but as I’ve also alluded to (mentions of morning runs ring any bells?) I’m going to be participating in…….

I’ve been up for quite some time putting it together since  I couldn’t get back to sleep so I won’t say much about it except, please see my new fundraising blog: A Modern Day Abolitionist.

The facebook event page can also be found here if you would like to lend your online support and spread the word!

♥ Ames

This is me.

I think Joyce from MEL: HOT OR NOT articulates exactly why I love blogging so much:

I often get asked why I blog, when it takes so much time and doesn’t pay. Well, much in the same way people join touch footy teams or play Scrabble, with no thought of becoming a professional sportsperson or a board game champion, it brings me pleasure and is immensely rewarding. As a lawyer, I do a different sort of writing for a living and blogging allows me to exercise a more creative style of writing. Through the blog I have corresponded with many readers and befriended members of Melbourne’s blogging community – it’s fun to meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t encounter in my everyday life. The blog encourages me to seek out new places and things as I search for new content and as the blog’s profile has grown, it’s given me access to opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

– taken from Melbourne Magazine post

I’m not a lawyer yet but I do appreciate the flexibility and fluidity that blogging allows me to have with the English language… I love being able to stimulate my creative juices by constructing the proses and stringing words together to form something that I’m proud to call my own :).  Through blogging, I have also had the pleasure to meet some lovely people who I otherwise would have never crossed paths with in my life.  So I’ll keep blogging as ‘Ames’ aka Amy… a girl born in April but definitely not called April :).

Its been a busy few days and I would blog about it but I just don’t feel like it at the moment… so I won’t :).

Song on mind-replay: Who’s That Girl – Guy Sebastian

Currently listening to: Identity Theft – Joyce Meyer

Quote of the Day: I’m not where I need to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be. – Joyce Meyer

♥ Ames

Like This: 8 Interpretations of Silence [edited]

So I didn’t get to my essay plan.  I instead took a nap, watched the tail end of Nadal’s semifinal lost to Ferer (I know one girl who will be heartbroken tonight) and laughed at the genius of this post.  I love witty office humour :).  It’s so true though…. and I feel the exact same way when it comes to emails… if I’ve written a lengthy response, a short acknowledgment to let me know you’ve read it and aren’t ignoring me would be highly appreciated!

Adding this to the I Like list:

Sounds like the kind of work I’d like to do ;).

♥ April