Feature Fridays: God’s Handiwork

I finally got around to uploading some of the snaps from my holiday up at the Gold Coast and I have to say that my favourites were always one of nature :).  So here are a few to showcase God’s handiwork:

so colourful!

love this!

reminds me of 'Anne of Green Gables'



♥ Ames

nice smells, smell nice.

It. Is. So. Cold.

But for once my toes aren’t frozen….

Hehe.  My Mummy bought them for me… $4 at BigW! :D And I do admit that watermarking this was a bit redundant (who would want a copy of this photo!?) but it means that I finally have bought (and started using) LIGHTROOM3!!! So happy… would dance but I don’t want to waste energy that could be used for heating purposes :P.

The last couple of posts have been a bit moody so I thought I’d switch gears and share some ‘nice smells’ with you ;).

For those who’ve been around me enough (and have a good nose on you), you’d know that I’ve been using this (below) for the last few years (lols to my hands in the picture!):

Loved it for years before I ever got the courage to purchase it… was never much of a fan of perfume until my aunty bought one back from France and gave it to me as a Christmas present… it was more out of obligation than like at first but the scent grew on me and when I caught a whiff of DKNY’s Be Delicious, I would always squirt a bit on my wrist when I passed by the department stores…until it was MINE!! Mwahaha!! lols

ANYWAY, a few weeks back I got an email promotion about a new fragrant that had just been released… I’d been interested in its predecessor but because I’d always had Be Delicious, it never occurred to me that I should have two to choose from… but they were giving out free samples so how could I resist! :P

Went searching at my local Myers store- all gone.  Went to the city David Jones- all gone.  Went to the city Myers store- third one’s the charm ;).  Apparently it was the last one in store too so I felt very special ^^

It was only 1.2 ml but I was over the moon! Yes, I can be very simple-minded at times but that’s not necessarily a bad thing ;).  The description in the card is pretty accurate… it’s not too sweet or overpowering, just nice and bubbly ^^.

Now that could have been the end of the story (and I bet you are wishing it was… because, if I wasn’t the author of this post and enjoyed writing, I would be quite bored by now) BUT seeing my excitement and the dedication I had to trek all over Melbourne (so not) to get this 1 ml of perfume, long-story-short, my generous Dad bought SEVENTY-FIVE mls of it for me :D.

The lid of the perfume was so cute and made out of thick rubber/plastic (like a few of the other Marc Jacobs fragrance bottles- the first was LOLA which I was also tempted to buy!) and this bottle has found it’s home on my desk now :).  And it gave me a chance to mess around with Lightroom’s Print setting which I LOVE SO MUCH!!

OK, this fan girl will go to sleep now… definitely have a sniff of this if you walk by the perfume section of Myers/David Jones… or you could just come and give me a hug hehe.

Happy times!


♥ Ames

chasing butterflies and bees

Self explanatory, no?  I took these photos on a sunny Sunday arvo in Canterbury Gardens (most definitely my new favourite park!) whilst waiting on friends who had completed the 15 km RunForTheKids marathon :).  I got to capture photos of a Monarch butterfly as well ^^.

Today allowed for a dip into the past… I love Disney films with a passion and could feel a constant grin on my face as I wandered through ACMI’s ‘Dreams Come True’ exhibition on its final day… bonus was having an equally (if not more) passionate Disney lover as company ;).

♥ Ames

Project365 Completed!

The end of 21 also meant that Project365 has been completed!! I was a bit distraught at first because I thought I had somehow forgotten to make a record of one of the days since they didn’t seem to match up with the list I’d been keeping on my iPhone (Notes App FTW!)… I finally worked out that I’d mislabeled one of the photos which had been mucking up my order (somewhere at Day 76) so I have spent the last hour, painstakingly correcting each one since then and IT IS FINALLY FINISHED!! There are about 8 photos that I missed out on taking… 8 out of 365 is a pretty good effort I think :P.  I’ve noted down what photos still have been taken and will get to them eventually I guess… but I wanted to share a few of my favourites here :).

Day 80: 1st July 2010 - Woodend retreat (wandering the town)

Day 129: 19th August 2010 - the day Jo and I both stayed awake for Contracts ;).

Day 172: 1st October 2010- the day we said goodbye to Scottie... :(

I guess this one isn’t really a ‘favourite’ per say, but it is one that evokes a lot of emotion from me still…

Day 337: 15th March 2011- the day I ran around the block with way-too-short-shorts and saw some lovely berries :).

Day 346: 24th March 2011- the day I stepped in a puddle and it rained too much in Melb...

I’ve made the albums viewable to public so the rest of the project can be viewed here and here.

As you can see from just this small selection, the photos have been taken from either my lovely G11 Canon or my semi-adequate iPhone camera with the occasional Hipstamatic flare ;).  If you have a look through the whole project, you’ll see that the food to ‘non-food’ ratio is quite unbalanced too haha.  I hope to give it another go down the track and perhaps add little goals along the way to keep it interesting (i.e. one of the girls I’ve ‘inspired’ to start her own Project365, does a self-portrait each week) and take better photos as well :).  I’m a bit disappointed that I’ll no longer have an excuse to pull out my camera everyday but I think the whole experience has reminded me to appreciate the little things in life and find beauty in the mundane… everyday is precious and worth making memories to last a lifetime :).  As I was sifting through the photos, I realised that 21 has definitely been a year of ups and downs but it has, more than anything, been a year of growth that I believe has prepared me for what lies ahead…whatever that may be!  Bring it on 22- I’m ready for the new adventures He’s got in store :D.

This post is related to goal number 31.

♥ Ames

Brunetti Birthday

198-204 Faraday St
Carlton VIC 3053
(03) 9347 2801


I know I am behind in a few pending posts, but I have these photos edited and ready to go, so….

Date visited: 9th January 2011

Celebrated the coming of age today (well, yesterday by the time this is posted) and as always I had my camera charged and ready :).  The birthday girl selected to go to her all-time favourite Italian coffee/cake restaurant, Brunetti and I took the opportunity to try some of their macarons!  I walked passed them at least three times and sat down to deliberate before psyching myself up to purchase them!  I’ve only ever had homemade ones but since they seem to be all the craze right now, I couldn’t resist buying a few to see what all the fuss was all about… plus they had such pretty colours ^^:

Colours of the Rainbow - ANhan

I selected one Pistachio and one Passionfruit flavoured macaron and since I was feeling slightly greedy (I did share with the girls though!), I asked the girl behind the counter to recommend one and she suggested the Tiramisu ($2.50 each which is quite standard apparently):

Brunetti Macarons - ANhan

Since I haven’t had much experience with Macarons, my opinions on them aren’t really that descriptive yet but I can say that the Pistachio flavoured one definitely tasted of pistachio, the Passionfruit one definitely did well to recreate the correct tangy flavour however, Tiramisu did NOT taste anything like the Tiramisu taste we knew of (a few others tried it and confirmed my suspicions).  Other than that, the shell cracked somewhat well when splitting into separate tasting pieces and the buttercream in between was a good texture, balancing the taste of the cookies (attempting to sound knowledgeable…and failing).

The birthday girl treated us to a drink and cake.  I had an Iced Mocha:

We all agreed that the ice cream that they added in all the iced-drinks was super creamy and simply divine :).  However, the iced coffee was more like a vanilla shake apparently with too much sugar!  The cream machine(?) wasn’t working when they made up our drinks so they came afterwards in extremely cute and little milk jugs:

We had fun with them:

Cream Tower! - ANhan

The cake was a regular sponge cake and even though I was quite full from that iced mocha and those macarons, I was still able to finish my slice which was saying something about how good it was :).

They have a large selection of cakes, some of which are frozen for preservation, so definitely check if the one you have in mind needs to be thawed and give them a call beforehand so they can prepare it for you (something our birthday girl didn’t realise until it was too late).  I took a few more photos including one of my friends’ awesome frames:

But this was my favourite:

Rose in a Bag - ANhan

Definitely a good place to hang out and chat over a coffee, quite packed over the weekend but staff are a plenty and service is quick :).  Check their website for other stores around Melbourne.  Happy 18th Kitty!

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the quality, food and service.

Overall Food Rating (Dining experience): 8/10

Restaurant Ambiance: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 7/10 (lunch menu and other savoury dishes were a bit pricey…)

♥ April

P.S. As mentioned above, sadly these photos have been tinkered with since I wasn’t used to shooting under tungsten lighting.  Need to get a program to start watermarking though…

Family Camp – Anglesea

Lovely Day - ANhan

I’m trying to get a post under each category before I open this blog up for visitors so here is one to go under Photography :). 

After the Christmas celebrations, we headed off to Anglesea (which I keep misspelling as Angelsea!) for a family camp.  The weather was just right, not too hot, not too cold and with the sea breeze coming in, we couldn’t have asked for anything better :).

Here are few snaps taken on my Canon PowerShot G11 which I have neither edited or photoshopped…I guess I want to document how I’m going with taking less shots, but better ones (though I still took about 400+ photos over 3 days…).  I’m thinking about saving up for a SLR but best to get better at adjusting shutter speed, aperture and ISO first, right? 

Where we stayed: Coastal Forest Lodge- ANhan

Yes, there were roos! - ANhan

More Roos- ANhan

Love clouds- ANhan

Nature - ANhan

When a piano teacher is on holidays - ANhan

More Cloud Watching - ANhan

Passing Time - ANhan

Orange Skies - ANhan

Windswept - ANhan

Sand and Sea - ANhan

Trish the Cow - ANhan

Tank and Magic - ANhan (can you guess which is who?)

‘Twas a lovely time to get away after the busy period of Christmas and just have some time to relax and get to reflect on 2010.  As I’ve said before: awesome weather, awesome conversations, awesome fun, awesome friends, awesome family, awesome God :).

♥ April