Like This: Online Purchases

Opps, I missed out on posting yesterday… I was trying to see if I could post something everyday of January but oh well.  Guess there’ll start to be more gaps as the year gets a rolling…

I like this.  How ironic.

Anddddddd….. I picked this up (see below) from the post office yesterday!

After coming home from a camp with some skincare savvy shellas (lols), I made an unspoken mental new years resolution that I would start looking after my skin in 2011.  I’ve never had bad skin so to speak, but I had not been exfoliating for a long while hence, my face was feeling a bit rough at times.  Some of the girls suggested this set, which is cheapest from (US$32.00 including shipping and postage).

Can’t wait to start using it and see the results (hopefully!).  In other random news, finally made it to the gym after a week of study.  It was kinda cool having my Dad join me today (he’s usually at the pool conversing with the Chinese men who frequent the sauna hehehe) since I know most wouldn’t be able to say that they’re gym buddies with their fathers :D.  I was really impressed by this mother-to-be who was working out around the same time and every time I walked past her, I did a mental cheer, “You go, preggers!”  I wonder if I’d be motivated enough to go to the gym when I’m pregnant one day :P.

Lunar New Years Celebrations down in Richmond tomorrow… have a lovely weekend people!

♥ April