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My rest

Today was a bit of a mixed type of day. It started out brilliantly with a productive few hours getting things sorted for the weekend and the next. The sun came out to play and it was casual clothes at work so the day seemed promising.

Then the adrenaline from the early wake up started to wear off around 11am and there was a lull in the workload as I waited for things to get corrected and back to me.

Lunch was a lovely break, strategising with like minded individuals and enjoying their good company.

Came back ready for a slow afternoon and then a call came and took 20 mins of my life leaving me feeling rattled and frustrated.

I was sent off to walk it off which helped but didn’t get to debrief afterwards as I would have liked. So I fired off a few texts to different ppl as a plead for help but timing wasn’t right; hence I was left with my iPhone music and two songs came up successively that I felt was my Daddy reaching out to me:
– Rest in You (Look to You – Hillsong)
– Anchor (Glorious Ruins – Hillsong)

He is my source of comfort. He is my peace. He is my rest.

❤️ Ames

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