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Journey: Day 4-6

Still keeping up with the Journey devo though been a bit slack with the posts…

Passage: Luke 5:33-6:16

“Jesus did not come just to ‘patch things up’ but intended to establish a completely new way of living.”

Jesus went again the grain of what culture expected and shook up the religious people of the day. In the same way, as a Jesus follower, we are to stand out of the crowd, marked by a different way of living.

Reflection – things I would like to change:
my gym or lack of gym habits, establish some new routines; help Samuel more at home.

Passage: Luke 6:17-26

Reflection – I want to live with fearless abandonment towards God. May my eyes be heaven focused, knowing that this life is just a temporary one.

Passage: Luke 6:27-49

Reflection – So much in this passage… Loving those who reject you is so counter-intuitive. And yet that is what Jesus preached and lived; living that went beyond feelings. That’s how he calls us to live – only made possible through the revelation of God’s unfailing love.

Lord, let my life reflect yours. Show me areas where I need to empty of self so that you can fill it with you.

– Ames –


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