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time and rest

I miss writing.

My dilemma is that I don’t know where to start.

So many trains of thought are running through my head – each unique and beautiful but each requiring time to develop and articular.  Time is what I feel like I’m lacking.

Even today as I was trying to rest and recuperate, I had to try to block out the continuous thoughts of things I should be doing now that I had a day off work.  I wrote out a list of the things that would be good to do today – I even contemplated baking, something I haven’t really made time to do since starting work.

My mum reminded me that ‘rest’, is in and of itself a ‘task’.  Can’t function fully without it.  Especially needed when your body is weak from a sudden chill in the air.

So rest I did.  And rest I shall take now.

– Ames –


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