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7 more days…

11 days early!  That has to be some tertiary education record or something lol well at least for me it is!  I’ve never submitted anything so early in my life!  And it came quite easily and I’m kind of proud of the work too… it’s truly a miracle, praise God!!

I can almost smell the ‘freedom’ in the air :P

Almost there!  7 more days to be exact.  I can feel the sense of anticipation rising up in my spirit… I can’t wait!

It’s funny because when I was on the verge of completing my undergraduate degree, I didn’t feel ready to go out into the ‘real’ world and work from 9-5… there was next to no appeal and I was glad to be going back for further study after the summer holidays.  However, after another 3 years, I’m truly done.  I’ve matured.  I’m ready.  I’m ready for a new challenge.  Uni was 6 years that shaped me as a person and I think it has served it’s purpose.  Working full-time is no longer daunting but something I’m looking forward to.  And it’s not because it’s something I’ve never tried before – my clerkships have shown me that I’m capable and I’ve got what it takes to pursue the dreams and purposes that God has placed in me.  God put it all there to begin with and now that the time is right, I can hear him say, “It’s your time to shine, my Beloved!”

Flourish, baby, flourish! – Bobbie Houston (2012 Colour Conference)

– Ames –


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