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growing up

The passport has arrived.  Travel insurance has been paid.  Currency has been exchanged.  Vague talks about catchups are slowly becoming concrete plans.

The impending trip is becoming more and more of a reality as the days pass by.

It’s not just any old trip.  It marks the end of another chapter.  The end of the last three years of her life.  It’s symbolic.  It’s a celebration.  It’s a momentous occasion – law school, university, tertiary education will be officially over!

Most won’t think that it’s such a big deal, having travelled much of the civilised and uncivilised world many times over.  It’s only 11 days after all.  But for this girl of 23 years, it’s a trip that symbolises a step towards further independence.  A rite of passage even.  She’s paid for the trip all by herself.  She’s going to be starting a real full-time job next year. She’s growing up and in some respects her parents are too – learning to let go and trust God just that little bit more.

One can only imagine how these 11 days could impact the rest of her life… perhaps it’ll just be a time to reflect on the Lord’s goodness and provisions over the last three years.

Perhaps it’ll be something more.

Lord, you hold my future in your hands.  

May I be a blessing to those I encounter and may this trip be fruitful in every single way.

– Ames –


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