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truth or dare

Gah, note to self: don’t ever play Truth or Dare with little girls.

Especially when they start asking questions surrounding those of the opposite sex.

Round 1 – TRUTH: Please give the names of five of your friends…. that are guys.

No issues there.  Just gave the first five names that popped in my head.

Round 2 – TRUTH: Have you ever kissed someone that’s not in your family…. on the lips?

Well, we were in church and I wasn’t going to lie.  Of course, my answer just got one of the teens on my back saying I was ‘hard-KORE’ (yes, with a ‘K’ coz apparently that’s even more hardcore than spelt with a ‘C’… lol, seriously??).  I really wanted to say, “No, I’m not hardcore.  I was stupid.  Young, naive and foolish.  Please don’t follow my example!” But instead, I just shook my head, rolled my eyes and changed the topic.

Round 3 – DARE: I dare you to tell me the name of the person you kissed on the lips.

Ah, NO.  I thought I had got out of that line of questioning and protested that the Dare was really just a Truth in disguise.  No it’s not, they say and they tried guessing to see if it was one of the guys I’d given as an answer in the first question.  I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to realise that the silly boy  wasn’t part of the list.  That didn’t stop them from bugging me until it was home time though BUT I held my ground haha.

Even thought it was only a few years ago, I feel like so much growing up has happened that I could really classify that crazy period in my life as when I was ‘young, naive and foolish’.  ’Young’ coz I had next to no experience in romance (and I thought it was a good thing – still do in some respects).  ’Naive’ because I thought I knew what I was getting myself into.  ’Foolish’ to believe it was a love that would last the distance.

If I could retain the benefits of hindsight and go back in time, things would have turned out very differently.  I would have protected my heart as I did faithfully the years previously and acted accordingly.  But that can’t be done.  The past is in the past.  What I am now though is older, wiser and more in tune with what is real and what’s just wishful thinking.

And I think this is the last I want to ever write about on the topic.  I feel like I’m a broken record when it comes to that period of my life.  There’s been so many other lessons learnt since then… time to march on ahead to bigger and brighter things :D.

Hopefully the little girls will have forgotten about it by next week…

– Ames –


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