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creative arts session

A bit late, but a few quotes from Monday night’s special creative arts session with Dan McCollam (Bethel Church Bible School):

  • Doing ‘church’ is not God’s objective.  Being the church is God’s objective.
  • Being creative is a facet of God’s character and so being creative is not about self-expression but about communicating heaven’s truth to earth
    • He is waiting on someone who will incline their ears towards His and then create.
  • Your gift will work according to: (refer to Matthew 25:14-30)
    • Measure of your gift (how big the gift is)
    • Measure of your faith (how faithful will you be with the gift?)
    • Measure of your rule (“your gift will work everywhere but it works better somewhere” – about how we each are given a sphere of influence that God has placed us in)

I love how God can use so many different ways to communicate with us if only we’d stop and listen.

More thoughts needed to be developed.

– Ames –


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