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early morning musings…

It’s almost 2am and I just finished my first draft of a lesson plan.

Mind you I did start quite late in the evening and probably procrastinated a lot of that time away in the process.

However, I guess somehow I underestimated (once again) how much time it would take me to complete the task.

I think it had to do a bit with how near impossible it was to map out ‘Human Rights’ as a topic in a 1 hour lesson plan but also how I seem to think that I can just wing it because I have some teaching experience.  Sitting down and actually working out when I’m going to say what and what students are going to do when has made me realise that (surprise, surprise) I’m not as capable as I once thought.

This seems to have been the lesson of the last few months.  Every time I seem to think I’ve got things under control, I’m knocked off my feet and have to crawl into a foetus position for a few moments before trying to stand up again (OK, that was a bit exaggerated but this late night/early morning has got me feeling a bit dramatic).

Where there are trials though, God’s provision and grace shines much brighter.

I fell on my knees in prayer this morning and later in the day, I received a call for another job interview.  Somehow I feel like those two events are connected.  I think God’s more inclined to “show up” when we acknowledge that we’re in over our heads and we need him to intervene.  If everything was fine and dandy, why would I be so desperate to pray to him?  Now I’m not saying that God causes us pain so that we’ll draw near to him, but I believe that He uses all circumstances to grow us, to stretch us, to mature us so that we can continue being perfected in every way like His Son, Jesus.  I think it’s also so that He gets the glory and we don’t lol.  And because I know that, I can be grateful that I’m still in this waiting period because it means that there’s more that He has yet to teach me in preparation for some big things in the future :).

How exciting is that?

OK better stop here while I’m still making sense…


– Ames –


3 thoughts on “early morning musings…

  1. I often forget how tricky teaching can be- especially when I forget that I need to keep each class occupied and interested for an hour and forty-five minutes. Sometimes that can be a LONG time. Swagger, a smile and a joke or two can really keep a class a) convinced of your preparedness and b) on your side if things slow down.

    Praise God for the clarity of mind he’s given you- to see His work in your life.
    P.S.: The soundtrack to You’re Beautiful came up on my random playlist and I thought of you :)

    • Occupied and interested isn’t so much a problem… More that they will actually learn something at the end of it :P

      And to see God at work in the midst of unforeseen circumstances is a daily thing I need to consciously make a decision to do… We’re always learning, aren’t we?

      Ah, You’re Beautiful… I haven’t listened to that soundtrack properly for a while… Good times :)

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