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thus far

Oh wow.

These past few days have been very trying for the soul.

Conflict drains you emotionally and spiritually, and that affects a person physically as well.  Something makes me feel that perhaps that forced time-out last week was to prepare me for what was perhaps the most challenging few days of my life thus far.

At the same time, I’ve become acutely aware of what an amazingly supportive network God has placed around me.  My parents have been a constant source of wisdom and godly counsel each step of the way.  They have prayed with me and for me, along with many others who were just an email or text or Facebook message away.  Thank you to those who have been interceding on my behalf.  I am so blessed.

The Word has guided my words and refreshed me when my strength was failing.  Jesus’ example has been my model for approaching the situation and by putting on love, by the grace of God, our efforts for unity were realised.  Praise God!  There are still some feelings hurt and I’ve written about forgiveness enough to know and advise (in time) that forgiveness is more for yourself than for the person that hurt you, whether the harm caused was intentionally or not.  Forgiveness brings freedom from bitterness and anger and allows you to love like Christ.

In other news: Job interview on Monday – prayers appreciated :).

– Ames –


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