Not a fan of it.

In fact, I hate it.

Especially when it comes from within the body of Christ.  You’d think that of all people who should know to love people in spite of differing opinions it should be those who bear the name of Christ.  Perhaps that’s why it always feels 10 times worse when people let personality clashes or misunderstandings get in the way of unity in the Church.

I really, really don’t like dealing with conflict in the Church.  But perhaps as a leader, this is an area that I need to grow in.  A test that I need to pass before moving on to bigger and greater things.  *sigh*

So after a bit of a cry, I think I’ll be able to handle it…with God’s help…. tomorrow morning! :P

Lord, please give me Your wisdom.  Please give me give me Your grace.  We really need your help.

I pray for an open heart.  I pray for a willingness to work towards unity under You as the Head.

– Ames –


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