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an attitude of gratitude

Emotionally drained after a jam-packed weekend but so grateful for all that my life is filled with.

I am so blessed it’s almost ridiculous :D.

I’m teaching such cute kids that make my Saturday mornings a lot of fun!

Got the chance to snap some photos of a dear sister who’s graduating and returning to her home country in a few weeks.  To see the change in her life since I got to know her just a little over a year ago is my blessing.

I got to sing and play, ‘A Whole New World’ for another dear sister’s 21st :).

AND I get the opportunity to live out my calling on a regular basis in such a loving church family, making a difference one life at a time (another two brought into relationship with the Father this weekend – Praise God!).

In spite of the fact that my future is still slightly up in the air right now, I know I’m still young and have my whole life ahead of me.  I’m so grateful for how God is shaping my life.  I love how He’s using me and moulding me.

May my life be a story of His greatness.

– Ames


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