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take courage

Trust God in good times and hard times, and pray and let Him have His way. Surrender and let him work his beauty through your life. Ask Him to shape and mould. Do not be discouraged. God is changing you! He is the Creator of the Universe, God Almighty. His love is everlasting and his mercy stretches our sins from the east to the west, just as the arms of His perfect Son stretched on the cross for our salvation.

Do not be discouraged. Take courage in the knowledge that God is a good God, all the time He is good.

– Invisibly Refining, One Passion One Devotion

Thanks, for posting that, Claire.  I really needed to hear that.  Thank you God for using various means and people to encourage me.

I need courage right now.  Courage to believe that though my plans may not be coming to fruition, God’s plans are and His plans are 100 times better than mine and more wonderful than I could ever imagine.  It’s time for a life lesson in waiting and trusting.

So much for no more emo posts.

– Ames


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