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work while you wait

So I preached this past weekend.

Definitely felt like there was an improvement from the first time and had some positive feedback, though having said that, I did speak mainly from the message I heard from the first message from Elevation Church’s series, ‘The Waiting Room’.  Holly Furtick, Pastor Steven’s wife shared the message so I felt like it was something that I could replicate in some form, putting in my own examples and personal experiences.

The key passage was Acts 16:22-34 which retells how Paul and Silas’ stint in prison and how they did not wait around complaining about their predicament but instead saw their time in prison as an opportunity to glorify God and got to work i.e. led the jail-keeper and his family to believe in God.

Key message: What seems to be like a pointless, or even painful waiting room, may be God’s most productive work room.

Key points:

  1. You have to resist the urge to complain, and fill your situation with praise
  2. Preoccupy ourselves with fulfilling God’s purpose rather than escaping your problem
  3. Our detours are often God’s destinations

I felt that it was incredibly relevant to our English service congregation, being made up of students and young families who all go through periods of waiting i.e. for studies to finish or kids to grow up.  What I didn’t know was how relevant this message would be for me today.

Today as I waited for the grad job calls… that never came.  One is definitely a no-go (I’m actually quite relieved about that one) but the other two places where I was for 3-4 weeks have yet to get back to me.

And honestly?  Waiting sucks.  How tempting it is to put real life on hold just to wait on an answer… especially when you hear of others getting their offers.  I started having doubts and began to consider possibilities that had never crossed my mind before.  I had to purposely take myself through these thought processes (with some help from my parents – thank God for them) and remind myself that God’s provision is more than enough and He knows what’s best for me.  And give myself a bit of a reality check – in the grand scheme of things, this is only a small blip on the radar.

Well, there are still 2 more days before I really need to start considering my other options.  Until then, I’ll continue doing what I know to do and work while I wait.

– Ames


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