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heaven rejoices

Tonight, the angels in heaven are rejoicing.

Tonight, a lost daughter has come back to the Father and I had the honour and privilege to be that final link in the chain.

Honestly, nothing can top the pure joy it is to see another’s heart open fully to the grace and love of God.  This is what makes it all worth it.  All the prayer, all the practise, all the time and commitment into creating an environment where a ‘seeker’ can find God… or where He can meet her face to face.

I’m truly humbled and floored that God would use our tiny church in the way that He is.  No doubt about it, He’s up to something!

Bring it on :D.

– Ames


2 thoughts on “heaven rejoices

  1. Amazing.
    The only thing more amazing is that He’s doing it in our church too. And churches from across the world. He’s moving in a very real way in His church.

    Praise God and may He bless her with all that He has for her. (:

    • That’s so great to hear, love! All glory and praise to God for He is good :). Yep, there’s a real awakening happening right now and how cool to be apart of it, right? xoxo

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