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constant awe

Apologies to readers of this blog for the lack of coherent posts.  I guess this has become more of a place to write down a stream of consciousness rather than something strategic and structured… sorry to those who subscribed when I was putting more thought into these posts, feel free to unfollow.

It’s just that each time I sit down to write about what God is doing in me and through me and teaching me, I’m left with the impression of just constant awe.

No words can fully articulate what I’ve been learning these last few months.

Constant awe.

Everyday seems to be just filled with fresh revelation of how great God is and how much he loves me.

I’m learning to incline my ear towards God and hear him clearer than ever before.

He is opening doors that I didn’t even know existed.

I’m learning to walk in obedience and have been lifted to a stage that I felt entirely unqualified for – BUT it’s there that faith and trust is required.  When we come to the end of ourselves, it’s there that we realise how much we needed to depend on God in the first place.

Crazy times ahead… but exciting times.  (Sorry for being vague but that’s all I feel I can and should say now)

♥ Ames


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