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prayer for revival

Ah, God.  You are so good to me.  I seem to be constantly in awe of how you are just bringing everything together to work for my good.  Your favour and blessing in my life just floors me.  If only people would open their hearts to you, I know that your love would just flood in and overflow in a way that would amaze them as well.

A week ago, I was on my way back from a life-changing weekend in Qld.  I still find it hard at times to adequately articulate how impacted I was from the wisdom, experience and personal stories that I drank up, but what left the greatest impression on me was the importance and the necessary role that prayer plays in any revival.  When we pray, we are acknowledging that we can’t do it on our own.  We are acknowledging that it is only through the power of God, that light can break through the darkness.  We are surrendering our plans to God and asking for Him to lead.

A song was birthed in my soul on the last morning as well.  I’d been going through a creative drought, having written my last song about a year ago, but this one was almost effortless.  Only possible if it was God-given.

Praise Him.

♥ Ames


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