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Like This: Who You Are

Loving on this song right now:

Heard it on the way home tonight on LightFM and it just touched my heart.  Having heard the background to the song as well, it is just the story of my life.  I am not there right now but I can sing it to those around me.  I messed up but…

You can never fall too hard, so fast, so far that you can’t get back when you lost where you are. It’s never too late so bad, so much that you can’t change who you are.

Ohhhh, Ohhh, you can change who you are. Ohhh, ohhh.

Let the ashes fall wherever they land, come back from wherever you’ve been. To the foot of the cross to the feet of Jesus. The feet of Jesus.

Unspoken, Who You Are

God redeems.  This I testify and will declare all the days of my life.


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