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always found

There a big decision that our family has to make in the next few weeks.  We’ve had discussions about it, brought it before the Lord in prayer and waited on an answer.

God has spoken through His Word this morning but there is still a bit of uncertainty.  One thing that we can be comforted with is that even if we make the wrong choice, God is gracious and redeems.  It’s not that we knowingly walk into a bad situation – God gives us wisdom if we ask Him for it and He wants us to exercise discernment.  However, I love that we can rely on Him to lead us back to the right path, even if we make the wrong move.  I’ve experience this time and time again and having done this thing called life with God for some time now, I can say with certainty that ‘God has never failed me’.  He’s got a perfect track record.

I remember Joyce Meyer saying once: “Even if I get lost, God will come and find me.”  Reminds me of the parables of the lost coin and lost sheep.

Mum made a comment that just like a good parent would always look after the interests of their child, so God is with us.  I love my Heavenly Daddy :).

♥ Ames


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