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My mind and heart has already skipped ahead to next semester where I’ll be studying these two subjects (descriptions have already been published publicly):

Law and Social Change:

Law and Social Change provides a practical, clinical experience in which students support public interest lawyers in the delivery of pro bono legal services. Students will undertake 10 days of clinical placement with a partner organisation in the community sector. On placement, and under expert supervision, students will utilise the legal knowledge and skills acquired during their degree to undertake work on real legal issues and with real clients, and in doing so, will be exposed to the realities of community legal practice.

Street Law:

Street Law is an innovative and unique course which involves … students visiting high schools in Melbourne that are classified as ‘low SES’ and delivering three planned lessons on a range of legal topics and issues over the course of a semester. It provides the opportunity to develop and implement fundamental communication skills, namely, the ability to explain complex legal concepts and information to a non-lawyer, non specialist audience. Confidence in public speaking is an important attribute for a lawyer, as is an ability to explain the law clearly and practically to non-lawyers whether that takes the form of communication with clients, witnesses, and/or juries. In addition, the provision of community legal education is an increasingly important aspect of the work of lawyers in many parts of the profession, particularly the community legal sector.

Can’t wait ^^

♥ Ames


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