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I’m a dreamer.   I have lots of dreams of how things should be and what I want to do.  But some most of the times, I’m impatient.  I want to see those dreams become a reality right NOW.  Sometimes I get exasperated with how much work needs to be done and how the present doesn’t look like the dream I have in my head.  I’m impatient to see results and when there looks like there’s little to no progress, I’m tempted to just throw up my hands and say, “That’s it.  I’ve tried it.  It’s not working.  Move on.”  I have this image in my head of a little child who has planted a seed, watered it and demands it to produce fruit right then and there lol.

But then I’m reminded that anything worth having has a price tag.  And with most things, it’s not about the destination but the process.  If there’s no process/journey, the destination is less worthwhile or you value it less.


I’m still learning.  I’m learning to be patient.  I’m learning to appreciate the days of small beginnings.  I’m learning to enjoy the here and now whilst applauding those who have already done the hard yards and are living the dream.  Joyce Meyer was quoted saying (I may have paraphrased but this is how I remember it): “A lot of people want what I have but and not willing to do all that I did to get here.”

Well, here’s me saying that though I have a long way to go in many areas, I’m committed to the process.  I’ll do what it takes (by the grace of God) to make those God-given dreams a reality.

Just wait and see.

One day, we’ll see that seed grow into a lovely tree that inspires the dreams of many others in the days to come.

♥ Ames


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