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the ‘too-hard’ basket

For a law student who is also a human rights advocate, there is no question that same-sex marriage should be legalised.  That’s what is being drummed into my head.  And in many way, the arguments for it make sense.  Equality before the law, letting kids from same-sex families feel accepted at school, rights for all people being acknowledged, the list goes on.

However, as much as I am all for equality and human rights advocacy, as a law student who is first and foremost a Christian, same-sex marriage still doesn’t sit well with me.  It doesn’t gel well with my belief system but at the same time the arguments that have been put forward by Christian-based groups (i.e. it’s a risk for the child, HIV/AIDs risks) have not been convincing or have backfired on them.

The reality for me is that for too long, homosexuality has been put in the ‘too hard’ basket. It was something that clashed with my values and what I believed the Bible said about it. However, because it didn’t affect me too personally, I just left it for another day.  Now it has caught me off guard and I’m unprepared to give an answer for my belief.

I want to respond the way Jesus did.  That’s all.  But to do that I need to do my research.  I can’t just blindly follow whatever society says or even what other Christians say.  Back to basics and being critical of all views.  I know where I stand, but now it’s time to find out more of the reasons why.  I feel like this article by Jonathan McKee is a good start.  I want to respond Biblically.  In love and in truth.

All I ask is for a bit of patience as I work through this.

♥ Ames


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