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Do opposites attract?

One of the downsides of switching phones has been that I have yet to find a good Google app that sync my music and podcasts in a way that I can listen to just sermons or music when I want to.  But a positive to it is that I’ll sometimes stumble upon a message that grabs my attention.

Today it was something that Craig Groeschel said from his series The Vow (Part 3).

Key points:

  • He made a statement about how opposites tend to attract in many relationships and then after marriage the opposites attack!
  • However, God wants the differences to ‘complete’ rather than ‘compete’ the marriage.
  • Marriage is not a contract but a covenant.
  • He also addressed the passage that has been made controversial by our society (Ephesians 5:21-33).

It was the ‘opposites attract’ thing that hooked me in to listen in to the rest of the message.  I guess it makes sense in a way because even with my own parents I can see how they are polar opposites but their strengths compliment each other.  However, it just made me wonder whether or not I’m praying for the right things to see in my future husband.  There are a number of things I hope we have in common but does that mean then that I may miss whoever it is that God brings along? Am I overlooking someone who could be potentially be the answer to my prayers simply because they can’t sing in tune or speak my language? *shrugs*

Lol, this is probably over-sharing so I better stop!  One thing for certain is that he’ll have to have an unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ. That is something I could never compromise.

♥ Ames


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