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childlike wonderment

Last night I met my match… with a 3-year-old bundle of cuteness! :D

Lil Kyley was lots of fun to babysit :).  She was so easily amused!  We folded aeroplanes, read stories, drew pictures, sang songs together, giggled and laughed, played endless games of fruit dominos… the only issue I had was that she wouldn’t go to sleep!  *sigh*  It was getting past 9:30pm and I asked her a number of times if she was sleepy or tired but was met with a firm ‘No’ each time.  Maybe it was my lack of sleep the night before but she just had way too much energy for me lol!  I later found out that the trick was to read to her from a prayer-book and then miraculous she would fall asleep within moments!   Pity her mother had forgotten to inform me of that >.<

Two things I learnt from that experience:

1. Being a mother to a young child is challenging!  

I’ve always been surrounded by kids and was looking after them from the moment I was old enough to be responsible for someone other than myself.  In addition, I love kids and usually it doesn’t take them long to warm up to me either ;).  So, perhaps I had been too confident when I took on the task of looking after lil Kyley… she required constant supervision and entertainment!  One night was ok but to do it day in and day out, must be so tiring.  And she was one of the more well-behaved ones.  You could only ever do it out of love.

2. Children are very simple.

Even though she asked me a lot of ‘Why’ questions (i.e. Why are there so many rabbits in that picture?), she completely trusted my answers.  Her wonderment and amusement over something as simply as a folded piece of paper that represented a boat was so refreshing and highlighted to me why we should be like little children before God as well (Matthew 18:2-5).  Thought I was making up some of the answers to Kyley’s questions along the way, God on the other hand really does know all the answers and so we can put our complete trust and confidence in Him.  May we also once again rekindle that child-like amazement of how deep, how vast, how wide His love is for us and be in awe of the beautiful creation that He has surrounded us with.

Day 27 of Photo a Day April Challenge

♥ Ames


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