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Easter Reflections 2

Continuing on from yesterday, I asked myself, What does Easter mean?

Two words came to mind.  The first was Redemption.  The Bible from the beginning to end is a story of redemption.  A story of how God redeems his people time and time again.  The Israelites rebel, they suffer the consequences, they repent, God forgives and all is well for a while before the people forget of how good it is to be walking with God and start going their own way again.  Each time the repented, the people would need to kill a lamb to atone for their sin – disobedience to God.  The lamb would be unblemished to represent purity.  From what I’ve heard (I will do more research about this later), there was a process whereby the man (it was always a man in those days) would put his hands on the lamb as a ritual to symbolise that his sin was being transferred into the lamb before it was slaughtered.

But this was only a temporary measure.  The Lamb of God (Jesus) was sent be the ultimate perfect sacrifice.  His coming into the world was already foreshadowed in the very first book of the Bible where the snake, the devil/Satan was told, “he [the woman’s seed] will crush your head and you will strike his heel” (Genesis 3:15) meaning that Jesus Christ (the seed) of the woman will crush the head of Satan and His heel will be struck (the crucifixion) in the process.  As I’ve been reading the Old Testament and the New Testament concurrently, I’ve been more convinced than ever that Jesus was who He said He was.  To have all those Old Testament prophesies fulfilled in just one person would have definitely been a God thing.

And so, Easter to me and to many believers all around the world represents God’s redemption.  He redeemed us from our sin and everlasting separation from God so that we could be made righteous in Him and be in relationship with our Creator – the way it was always made to be.

♥ Ames


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