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not in my present nor in my future.

Blog buddies.  You’ve got to love them.  Of all the people whom I’ve met first via the blogwaves before meeting them in person, I’ve become great friends with the majority of them.  In many respects, it’s easier because you are already coming from a common interest and you’ve had little snapshots of insight into each other’s lives.  Love it!

I got to catch up with a Perthie (now back in S’pore) during and after the COLOUR conference.  It was so nice to just relax in another’s company and reflect on God’s goodness.  The last time we caught up in Melbourne together we were still sharing about the turmoil going on in our lives (relationally) but now 1 year and about 3 months on, those topics are so far from mind and no longer consume our lives.  Praise God!

I like a phrase she used.  ‘[It] is not in my present nor in my future.’  Isn’t it grand when the door has been shut on certain areas of our lives and we no longer have to relive them?  I silently said a prayer of thanksgiving to God.  Thanking Him that He didn’t answer a certain prayer in the positive.  Thankfully, He does know what is best.  Perish the thought if I were still… *shudder*.

At COLOUR, Beth Moore shared her testimony.  She didn’t give specifics but it was enough to know that she knew what she was talking about.  One thing she challenged us to do was to bring whatever past mistakes, errors of judgements, hurts to God and leave them with Him.  We never have to revisit them again once we’ve given it to Him.  It’s gone.  Nada.  Finito. Fini.  If God remembers our sins no more, why should we?  In Christ, you have a new beginning!  Praise God, the God of second chances!  And praise God for blogging friends who you can share life with :D.

♥ Ames


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