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Spotlight: Facing the Giants

I am easily moved to tears.  Sit me in front of a new film and you can almost guarantee that the waterworks will come out at some point during the movie.  But if I watch a film more than once then the effect it has on my tear ducts will probably decrease.  However, one film that never fails to wet my eyes is ‘Facing the Giants’.

The plot summary can be found via Wiki so I won’t rehash that.  The Kendrick brothers did a commendable job in getting someone who is not a slight bit interested in American football (aka moi) in love with the film and all the characters.  The score and use of the music at key points in the film was very effective and invoked strong emotions of frustration, helplessness, anger, hope and pure joy.  I love stories about people turning around a defeated situation and triumphing against all odds.  Above all else, this inspirational story was one of faith; faith in a God that is true to His Word – when you honour Him, He will lift you up.

“What’s impossible with God?”


– Facing the Giants

♥ Ames


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