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Overflow of the heart – 2

There’s just something so wonderful about ‘family’.  You could spend years apart but when you meet again, things just fall into such a comfortable rhythm that it feels like no time has past.

I know that this isn’t the case for all families.  I hear stories about people dreading family reunions, people who give thanks that they only need to endure the presence of their blood ties a few hours each year.  I don’t believe that’s the way family was meant to be.  The way God intended it to be.

Our God, my God is a God of relationship and unity.  He is three but yet He is one.  The family unit may be made of many members but is still one.  Though one might start their own family I don’t believe in that being the reason one ceases membership to their ‘old’ family.  You don’t just marry the person as an isolated individual, you marry them as a whole: relationship with their parents, friends, co-workers etc. And those closest to you are the ones who influence you and the way you are influenced is the way your life will go.  That’s why parents are so crucial to the shaping of a child’s destiny…

I praise God for such a wonderful parents.  Now more than ever, I’ve come to value them as individuals and not just simply as the people who put a roof over my head and food on the table.  There is wisdom that is only gained by time and it is foolish to ignore the view of godly parents as I have learnt in the past! I now realise that when I turn to them I can always get godly advice and prayer or direction. 

I asked them how they raised me to be who I am today and they said they didn’t know anything about parenting but through educating themselves (reading books on parenting etc.) and constantly going to the Lord, they took it one day at a time.  By His grace, they trained me to live in and out the Word.  And I think I turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself ;-).

Again, apologies that there is not much continuity… overflow of the heart :-).

Sleep and then to watch the sunrise!

Much love,


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