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Almost there…

Today should have marked the end of the 21 day Daniel fast that began on 8th January 2012.  I say ‘should’ because in the last hours I caved in (stories for another time) and want to make it up this week.  I don’t know how Biblical it is to ‘make up’ on a few days of failed fasting or if it is even necessary but I feel compelled to do so.  Once I’ve completed it, I look forward to be back to a regular blogging routine.  I’m excited about sharing all that God has been teaching me and working in me in these last 21 days.  One thing that has been placed on my heart is to change the direction and tempo of this blog.  More on that in the coming days :).

For now, I would like to leave you all with a video clip that explains the purposes of fasting (the first 15 mins in particular) which is a precursor to the lessons I’ve learnt about the power of fasting:

See you again soon!

♥ Ames


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