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The best of MBoM in 2011 :)

The end of 2011 also marks the 1st anniversary of this Mixed Bag of Musings (as of 01/01/12)!  What an amazing year it has been!  I think above all else, 2011 has been the year I’ve learnt to ‘let go’ of unnecessary baggage – emotional and physical items that I don’t need any more both included!

I’ll let WordPress do the crunching of numbers in a few days but I’ll take a feather from Leeleegirl’s cap and list some of the posts I really enjoyed writing or you enjoyed reading :).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t narrow it down to 11 so I’ll go by month and perhaps you’ll see the progress and growth that has happened over this year:

** the ones you should definitely have a look at!


  1. Short Story: Dream
  2. No, Thank you.
  3. Words from the son of Amoz
  4. Just A Number.
  5. confessions of a poor uni student
  6. Like This: There is a time + Amazing Grace
  7. Scar
  8. My Niche
  9. Blog Babble: I’m no better


  1. complexity vs. simplicity
  2. The significance of 40 days
  3. The end of self
  4. My Other Niche
  5. Cookies in A Jar
  7. New Directions


  1. still here.
  2. Mountaintop
  3. givin’ up
  4. Passing Points
  5. turned tables
  6. inward, outward, upward
  7. NFH: Loneliness and the others in the NFH series
  9. room to move
  10. the sisterhood
  11. another morning post (you know you love them!)
  12. Short Story: ‘getting over you’
  13. the simple things


  1. The Wanderer
  2. MP: The Overflow
  3. the day of birth
  4. Project365 Completed!
  5. the drop of a stitch
  6. word quota
  7. Happy 100th Post!
  8. Short Story: Unspoken Conversations
  9. mollify


  1. So it’s official.
  2. Forget it! (devo from Tammy Trent)
  3. L’amour
  4. a knock on the head
  5. not worth it.
  6. Darling,**
  7. teaching blood

This was the month I launched my new blog as well :).


  1. the acoustic version
  2. no more words
  3. An Essay of a Different Kind (Part 1) – Floater Syndrome (didn’t end up writing part 2 lol!)
  4. the face off
  5. How could it be**
  6. no nest here!**
  7. flying with eagles


  1. snippets about smiles :)
  2. another opportunity
  3. A prayer at 22**


  1. If we love a person (taken from another devo)
  2. the guy I’m waiting for
  3. slipping through my fingers
  4. I can do nothing
  5. positives in the pain (when I was on crutches)
  6. taste and see
  7. Pre-forgiveness is a prerequisite… (Rick Thomas post)**


  1. how the pieces all fit together
  2. The Fellowship of the Burning Heart (CultureWatch)
  3. pull on my heart
  4. He is enough
  5. NFH: praying for you
  6. my yesterdays
  7. my plans, His plans
  8. A Story: Friend For Life series began here
  9. compassion and love


  1. lost in divine romance
  2. keeping the right perspective
  3. full stop
  4. I’ll do whatever it takes.
  5. Note:
  6. Process = Transformation = Freedom
  7. a journey of forgiveness**
  8. the new is here!
  9. hurting tummies
  10. links**


  1. a beacon of light
  2. delirious with joy**
  3. ‘bouncing off the walls’**
  4. 11/11/11 – embrace it!**
  5. In Time
  6. it’s not all about me


  1. step up and out
  2. it makes you wonder.
  3. some things must die.
  4. 10 years ago today…
  5. how wonderful**

Whoa, that was time-consuming list to compile lol!  That aside, it was a blessing to see the changes that has happened in the space of 365 days and I look forward to all that God has planned for 2012!

The best is yet to come!

Happy New Year’s Eve, blogosphere :).  See you on the other side!

♥ Ames


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