The best of MBoM in 2011 :)

The end of 2011 also marks the 1st anniversary of this Mixed Bag of Musings (as of 01/01/12)!  What an amazing year it has been!  I think above all else, 2011 has been the year I’ve learnt to ‘let go’ of unnecessary baggage – emotional and physical items that I don’t need any more both included!

I’ll let WordPress do the crunching of numbers in a few days but I’ll take a feather from Leeleegirl’s cap and list some of the posts I really enjoyed writing or you enjoyed reading :).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t narrow it down to 11 so I’ll go by month and perhaps you’ll see the progress and growth that has happened over this year:

** the ones you should definitely have a look at!


  1. Short Story: Dream
  2. No, Thank you.
  3. Words from the son of Amoz
  4. Just A Number.
  5. confessions of a poor uni student
  6. Like This: There is a time + Amazing Grace
  7. Scar
  8. My Niche
  9. Blog Babble: I’m no better


  1. complexity vs. simplicity
  2. The significance of 40 days
  3. The end of self
  4. My Other Niche
  5. Cookies in A Jar
  7. New Directions


  1. still here.
  2. Mountaintop
  3. givin’ up
  4. Passing Points
  5. turned tables
  6. inward, outward, upward
  7. NFH: Loneliness and the others in the NFH series
  9. room to move
  10. the sisterhood
  11. another morning post (you know you love them!)
  12. Short Story: ‘getting over you’
  13. the simple things


  1. The Wanderer
  2. MP: The Overflow
  3. the day of birth
  4. Project365 Completed!
  5. the drop of a stitch
  6. word quota
  7. Happy 100th Post!
  8. Short Story: Unspoken Conversations
  9. mollify

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