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That List.

Back in December 2008 (which seems like eons ago), I started the 101 in 1001 project – essentially 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days.  If you’ve had a look at my list it is needless to say that I failed miserably lol.  I’m generally quite a goal-driven person (I love checking things off a to-do list!) but I think there were two reasons why I wasn’t as motivated as usual in completing the list:

1) There were a number of items that I took from the lists of other people (hence, I wasn’t personally committed to them)

2) Your interests can change a whole lot over 1001 days.

However, in the spirit of bringing things to an end before the year is out, I thought I’d highlight a few of the things that I got done or learnt as a result of the list…

Note: This is a very VERY long (and potentially boring) post.

2. Get someone else to join the 101 in 1001 challenge [Gillian! – 26/03/2010]


6. Become a Uni Graduate [10.12.09] 

Can’t believe I’ll be graduating again at the end of next year… my, how time flies!

7. Get into the JD (Post-grad Law) [17.08.09]

I remember the day I got the acceptance letter – such a happy and momentous occasion :).


I hardly completed any from this list which was a bit disappointing but a lot of things fell away after law school commenced :(.

15. Host an annual piano concert for my students [3/3]


I didn’t get to swim or go to the gym as much as I wanted to but I have been more active in the last few years than the previous 19 years so I guess we’re winning here :).

18. Get a fitness plan [Semester 1, 2009]

20. Go to a fitness class every 2 months [during Semester 1, 2009]


Still want to learn some family recipes and cook for my family but did:

21. Try 50 new restaurants/cafes/food joints [50/50]

This goal was what got me interested in food blogging hehe.

22. Try 5 new ice-cream flavours [3/5] – didn’t quite get to finish this one but keen on continuing ;).


All the things in this section are still things I want to do (except auditioning for Australian Idol!) but I’m glad I completed:

31. Project 365 [completed 13.04.11]

This was one of the greatest achievements and I inspired another law student to start her own :). I’m hoping to give it another go next year!

33. Watch a movie at a drive-in/roof top/outdoor cinema [08.01.09]

Went to the twilight cinema for a friend’s birthday… ooo, it’s almost that time of the year again!

35. Take a friend to their first musical opera [22.11.10]

I got some opera tickets as a Christmas present and took Mookxi to her first opera :).

38. Sing at a Karaoke Bar

I can’t remember the date but I did go once and belted out some Taylor Swift lol!

Gaining Knowledge/Intellectual Pursuits

Major fail in this area though I did read two books that changed my world-view.

R&R (rest and recuperation/relaxation)

I wasn’t much into self-care when I first wrote the list and 1001+ days on, I’m still pretty much the same >.<.  However, I do hope to re-learn how to do my makeup for work purposes sometime in early Jan :).

50. Get a wax of some sort [22.11.2010]

I kinda completed this goal by accident when my family friend who was ‘shaping’ my eyebrows decided to wax them instead lol!


Seems like I did quite well in this area:

52. Have dinner with the Norsworthys [04.09.09]

54. Get together with cousins on mum’s side of the family (outside of Christmas) [1/5]

55. Change my relationship status [Dec 2009-March 2010]

Ah… yeah, kinda wish I didn’t complete this one lol but have learnt a lot (and written enough about it already).

56. Write 50 letters to my future mate [completed 14th February 2011]

*smiles* To date, I have 114 letters (not counting online posts) I can’t wait to share with you, darling boy!

57. Take Scottie for a walk at least 3 times a week [Scottie was put down in late 2010]


Spiritual Life

Everything was begun…

58. Intentionally share the Gospel with 15 people [2/15]

Always really glad to be involved in the faith journey of others and even more grateful to have been a link this year :).  Can only do better next year!

59. Read the whole Bible at least once

I made a commitment at the start of 2011 to commit to reading at least one chapter of the Bible everyday and I’m happy to say that I’ve kept this commitment :).  Reading a chapter per day means I haven’t read the entire Bible this year but I’ve been blessed by reading through chapters I may not have read otherwise :).

60. Read through the Book of Proverbs for 6 individual months

I can’t say for certain that I read through the Book of Proverbs 6 times but I did read through it a few times so that counts, right?

61. Write in a prayer journal at least once a month

I think my entries were a bit sporadic but it was such a blessing to look back and see how prayers had been answered and I’ve bought another prayer journal for 2011 :).

62. Keep a blessings log

As per 61.

63. Listen to 50 messages on cd/via podcast [20/50]

I lost count after 20 but it’s always so encouraging to listen to life-giving messages on the way to uni :).

64. Write 20 articles on faith topics [3/20]

I probably wrote more than 3 but again, wasn’t really keeping count…


Blah… still haven’t learnt to ride a bike lol!


OK, now I’m getting a bit bored with the commentaries… who’s with me? :P

71. Achieve a 20 year old brain (Brain Training) [don’t play on DS anymore]

72. Find 101 things that make me happy [20.11.10]

74. Do 25 kind things to strangers [2/25]

75. Stay off Facebook for an entire month (will be the hardest!)

77. Make Sam’s room liveable [September 2009]

78. Clean desk and room once a semester (1/6)


81. Go to the Australian Open [21.01.09]

One of the first non-dates I went with my FFL :P.

82. Attend 4 university social events [2/4] – can’t remember which ones…

84. Go to 5 different beaches [3/5] – can’t remember which ones lol.

85. Go on a picnic [20th birthday picnic-18/04/09] 

I shared my testimony at my 20th – it was both the scariest and most liberating thing I have ever done.

87. Host my 21st birthday celebrations [10/04/10]

I started my own trust fund instead of receiving presents – still in the works but I look forward to the day when I can invest in the education of others :).

Community/Altruistic activities

88. Give blood 3 times [3/3]

I’ve given blood more than 9 times now and I still get nervous each time hehe!  True story: I’ve brought 2 friends along to give blood and on both occasions they weren’t able to give because of health reasons!

90. Run a marathon for a good cause [17.07.11]

Raised $1090.00 for The A21 Campaign and became a modern day abolitionist!

Travel – General

Didn’t travel to the places I planned but ended up going to places I never dreamed of going to i.e. Perth :).


I guess this list hasn’t been a complete failure.  I think it’s good to set goals because it gives you something to aim for and you probably accomplish a lot more than you would have without the goals.  I don’t think I’ll be putting together another 101 in 1001 list anytime soon but a ’25 before 25′ is looking kinda appealing :P.  Will keep you posted!  Ames over and out!

♥ Ames


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