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keep charging on

It’s amazing how much growth and learning has happened in the last 4 weeks.  It was a challenge but I’m glad I (eventually) rose to the situation and it seems that everything worked out positively.  One down, two more to go… thankfully, one month before the next one though! Really need a proper do-nothing type holiday!

I am feeling the lack of sleep catch up to me now and the next two days aren’t looking particularly free for just rest time.  Such a busy time of the year!

Just have to keep charging on until Monday morning… then (another) haircut+fringe perm, blood donation, eye check, ice-skating, graduation snapping, some catch-ups in between, caroling, Christmas, New Years and then 2011 will be over!  I was just thinking over how much has happened this year and it’s been pretty epic.  Lots of changes but all for the better.  Hopefully will do a ‘wrap-up of 2011’ post aka ‘a time to count the blessings of 2011’. 

There’s so much to look forward to in 2012 too… so excited for it!

But for now, sleep before these massive 2 days…

♥ Ames


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