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I’m stoked.

Back to back miracles… life doesn’t get more exciting than this!

I’ve heard it said that people generally need to be exposed to the Gospel at least 7 times before they are ready to receive salvation.  Where that statistic comes from I have no idea… what I get from it though is that we can all play a part in someone else’s salvation story.  In fact, we’re called to (Matt 28: 16-20).  Many seeds may be planted before there is a harvest. I’ve also heard it described as links in a chain – how all the little things i.e. a word of encouragement, a prayer in time of need etc. are individual links that eventually lead us to knowledge of God and His sacrificial love for us.  We may be the first link, one in the middle, one 5 years down the track… but it all counts and makes a difference.

Today, I got the privilege of being the last link in someone else’s story :).  What an amazing thing it is to be the one to lead another soul to repentance and then acceptance of Jesus as their Lord and Saviour!  I am humbled and grateful to reap the harvest from the seeds that others had planted in her life over the years… there’s no greater joy and all for the glory of God!

Let’s do our part… don’t be the missing link!


♥ Ames


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