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lost in divine romance

On the way home from a truly fabulous breakfast, I heard this playing on the radio:

Well I must admit this world often tempts my fallen eyes
And I fall in love with all my earthly home provides
But I make this vowing decision, to get lost in divine romance
And at times I forsake my first love, but He woes my heart again

‘Cause He’s the God of second chance

And I’m looking for the narrow way back to where I belong
And I’m looking for the narrow way that leads me to my home

Narrow, Nathan Tasker

This resonates so much with the journey I’ve been on lately.  I’m in awe with how He just beckons me to know Him more… getting ‘lost in divine romance’.  Sometimes it takes losing your way to find your way back again… if that makes sense.

This was the first time I’d heard of Nathan Tasker so after a bit of digging, I found out his family has experienced a tragedy of their own recently and this was a song that was birthed from it (yet to be recorded):

All The While

In the valley
In our suffering
When the shadow steals the light

In the moment
we are breaking
there our hearts will still decide

To find a song
when there is none

All the while
knowing you are good
All the while
looking to the cross
All the while
hidden in the shadow of your wings

In the waiting
In the quiet
When the answer’s slow to come

There your presence
will remind us
though your silent, we are loved

We’ll find a song
when there is none

You are with us in our sorrow
You are with us in our weeping
You are with us in our sowing
You are with us

You are with us in our hoping
You are with us in our healing
You are with us in our reaping
You are with us, ever with us!

– 2011 Tasker/Fieldes

I have often thought that the greatest tragedy in life is not death, or pain, or loss, or suffering. It is to experience any of these things and to be truly alone. It is no surprise that the ultimate promise of God (incarnated in Jesus) is this: “Never will I leave you”. After all, what is heaven apart from the eternal keeping of this promise?

So, I have learned one simple thing this past month after many tears and questions, with still more to come – God’s silence is not to be confused with His absence.

– Nathan Tasker

While Melbourne is engrossed in the Footy Grand Final, I think I shall go download his album now.

♥ Ames

[addition: I can’t believe I actually sat and watched some of the grand final… I guess, there’s always a first :).]


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