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A Story: Friend For Life, Part 1 – how it began

I didn’t think I would ever be telling this story but somehow tonight, it feels appropriate.  I feel like doing a bit of story-telling :).  There’s been many-a-version told but this is how I remember it :).  Sometimes it feels like just yesterday but then I check, and it’ll be close on 4 years by now…

In my memories, it was summer when it all began.  It was a new year and I was pumped!  I was gonna get things going in this place even if it meant getting out of my comfort zone… God gave His life for me, surely I could at least do something as simple as this for His sake!  So I started doing the rounds, first with my girlies, then with those I was on ‘hi-bye’ terms, some of the younger kids and then it came to ‘them’.  They stood by themselves, seemingly indifferent to all the activity and chatter going around them, pushing and poking fun at each other as brothers do.  I took a deep breath and started walking in their direction…

I don’t remember what I said or how I did it but somehow I was able to extract email addresses and mobile numbers… I felt very proud of my achievements haha.  There was also a part of me that contained a little leap of excitement… out of the two brothers, there had always been something in the younger one that intrigued me.  I knew there was something good deep down in there, I’d seen glimpses of it over the years and now finally, here was a chance to draw it out of him!

So that week, I texted around to all those I’d gathered details from to tell them about a youth event happening that week or the week after, hoping to see if I would be able to drag some along :P.  He responded, but in an offhanded kind of manner leaving me uncertain if he would be attending.  That night eventually rolled around… I knew his sister was coming so I think I secretly hoped he would too- though I remember telling myself not to get my hopes up.  He surprised me.


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♥ Ames