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I’m learning.

Thank you.  I’m overwhelmed with the life you’ve given me to live.  I see how the pieces fit together now and even though I know there are more pieces to come, what you’ve shown me is just so… wow.  So amazing.  So beautiful.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good

His love endures forever.

I guess I’ve always been one to think I could do everything and it’s taken me until now to realise that, well… I can’t :).  I can’t do everything, I can’t be everywhere… BUT, I can do ‘something’ and I can do that ‘something’ well and when I do that ‘something’ well, THEN, He gets the glory.  I know it’s not the most intellectual revelation but it’s one that’s been a long time coming. 

Sometimes we gotta let go of a good thing in order to pursue the better thing.  The question is, do we trust Him enough to let go even if the better thing is not in our sights yet?  That takes faith.  Trust and Faith.  I’m learning.

♥ Ames

P.S. I do apologise for the disjointed-ness of this post… My thoughts are everywhere at the moment… but it’s all good :).


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