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entry 3

I seem to always have off-days on Mondays…

I’ve discovered that as much as I like giving help to others, I find it difficult to accept help from others.  I’m not used to it and would rather shrink away and struggle alone than admit I need assistance. 

And it’s kinda obvious when you’re on crutches.

I found myself averting concerned glances because I guess I didn’t want the pity or felt sorry for myself.  I found myself reverting back to my natural disposition as the ‘shy one’.  But thankfully, there were some who cared enough to break through the little wall that I’d started building around myself and got me through the day.  They didn’t let me feel like a burden and kept my spirits afloat.

Note to self: Learn to accept help.

Teaching tonight brought me out of that silly mood.  I’m so glad that we have days and nights… so that we have mornings that we can start anew :).  Tomorrow will be better.

♥ Ames


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