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taste and see

When you know God, you can’t help but want to keep knowing him and loving him more. This sometimes conflicts with some other things you used to love, and it often means letting go of things that were once important to you. But you can’t stop, because even if you want to, you cannot turn your back on this irresistible grace.

– taken from good times with ben

Lately, this is something I’ve been challenged with as well.  I find that as I get to know God more, there are some things that I used to do or watch (without a second thought) that no longer draw me anymore.  It’s like the scales have been lifted off of my eyes and what I used to count as ‘entertainment’, strikes a discord with my heart.  The images and language make me uncomfortable now.  I’m left wondering what I found appealing in the first place… the spirit grows stronger as the flesh diminishes.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. – Psalm 34:8

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “taste and see

  1. Wow! I can log in via Twitter now!

    Kat sang a beautiful solo at church this week:

    “O taste and see the goodness of the Lord~!”

    It was haunting and wonderful. I’m glad you finished with that line. It is difficult to tread the right balance of living as an example in the world (which I fail at every day). We have to be real and show others that we’re part of their society, but we also have to show how different our own culture is- and of course, we need to make sure we get all the nourishment we need.

    It’s a tricky balance. Sometimes we need to absorb God’s Word and surround ourself with good things. Other times we need to remember that our own personal delights are God-given too.

    Like anime festivals and soft kittens ;).

    I hope things are swimming along and Uni isn’t pulling you under :).

    • I don’t think it needs to be an either or… can’t it be both, at the same time? I think you can carry God’s Word with you always and choose to fill your life with good things as opposed to… whatever is opposite :). I think there are certain delights that are God-given and some that don’t necessarily align themselves with the nature and character of God… but what crosses ‘the line’ is something that I believe God personally convicts us of when the time is right :).

      I do agree that it is tricky living in the world but not being of it… it’s something I don’t think we’ll fully perfect until Kingdom come but that doesn’t mean we stop striving for it though…

      I’m a bit out of action atm with a swollen foot but trying to not let that get me down :D.

      Thanks for stopping by :).

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